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Frequently Asked Questions

PracticalCME courses are unique because they are all evidence-based and written and taught by board-certified MD’s. Only PracticalCME offers FAST TRACK(TM) training which blends online learning prior to the live hands-on training for better learning and retention.
Credits vary depending on the course and the hours of material presented. Most PracticalCME courses award between 6 and 10 hours of CME credit.
Wellness training is learning additional techniques to help your patients feel better outside of the traditional symptom-disease-drug model of treatment. It involves management of stress imputs to the body.
Wellness CME courses teach evidence-based approaches to common symptoms that are caused by stressors in our environment. This can include testing and balancing of stress-induced imbalances in hormones or neurotransmitters, diet and exercise counseling to reduce stress and help with permanent weight loss, and scientific management of menopause and andropause.

Aesthetic Training Courses for Botox Certification, Dermal Filler Certification, Sclerotherapy Certification, Platelet-Rich Plasma Certification Training for Doctors, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants

CME-accredited Sclerotherapy Training, Botox Training, Dermal Fillers Training, Cosmetic Uses of Platelet-Rich Plasma PRP Training, VASER Liposuction Training

Sclerotherapy Certification Training teaches the latest techniques including the use of transillumination and foam Sclerotherapy of all cosmetic leg veins. All attendees of the live course will also receive the entire course on video first followed by a live review and Sclerotherapy hands-on training session. This course is approved for up to 7.75 CME Credit Hours.

The Botox Certification Training Course also combines live hands-on training and video learning for the best results. Learn how to treat upper and lower face wrinkles with Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin safely and effectively. You can take both the Botox and Dermal Fillers Training Certification together, or just take the Botox Certification course alone. Juvederm, Restylane, Belotero. This course is approved for up to 9 CME Credit Hours.

Platelet-Rich Plasma PRP Certification Training including Vampire Facelift CME Training Certification allows you to treat the face with Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) safely and effectively with the only CME approved Certification course. The course is available on video, online simulcast, or live.

Liposuction Certification Training includes both an introductory video course that covers Training in Tumescent Liposuction Anesthesia and Liposuction Nursing Training. After the introductory course is completed, Doctors and Nurses can schedule one of our experienced instructors to proctor cases in their own office with our Live Hands-On Liposuction Training to complete the full instruction in Tumescent Liposuction.

Additional FAQs About Our Options for Health and Wellness Coach Training for Nurses and Doctors

Are you focused on self-care for yourself to avoid registered nurse or physician burnout? Positive psychology is crucial in everyday life, but you can do so much more with it. The goal is to promote well-being, and our wellness courses will help you do this.

You’ll learn about organizational strategies, leaky gut treatment, saliva testing, BHRT, and so much more. After the successful completion of our courses, you can then take the tests correlating with them to offer health and wellness coaching in your practice or facility.

We realize you might have questions about positive psychology and well-being, which is why we’ve created the list of FAQs below. Learn more about our services and what we do!

No, our wellness training courses are not free. These aren’t the same as positive psychology or health and wellness coaching that massage therapists and medical assistants might perform. These are CME courses that will help you earn continuing education credits that you need to work and grow as doctors and nurses.

Our online wellness training for nurses and doctors is just that. Generally, the courses we offer are designed for health professionals who want to learn about personal well-being and implement that in their patient care requirements. 

Other health professionals could take the courses, such as physical therapists, wellness coaches, occupational therapists, and more. However, they’re designed for registered nurses and doctors.

A person’s mental health is as important as physical health. When you think positively, you function better and can have more self-esteem, meaningful social connections, and cope with life. 

Doctors often find that patients aren’t focused on their overall well-being. Instead, they worry about losing or maintaining weight and dieting. However, your mental health and wellness is also important.

As doctors, you know that you need to spend time with your friends and family. You talk about your feelings, avoid drugs and alcohol, and eat healthy foods while staying active. 

However, it’s important to bring those things into the lives of your patients because their personal well-being is crucial to their lifestyles, as well. You’ll help them get more sleep, set goals, learn to relax, and challenge themselves while taking care of themselves.

These courses are designed for post-graduates, but you don’t have to graduate from Harvard to be able to take them. They can be used by doctors and nurses who graduate from various institutions.

Overall, our courses are CME-accredited and focus on many things. They teach evidence-based approaches to symptoms found in our daily lives, which include balancing and testing for hormone imbalances, wellness coaching, diet and exercise counseling, and more. 

The well-being of your patients is crucial, and our health and wellness courses will help you provide better care to them.

PracticalCME offers online wellness training for doctors and nurses that go beyond well-being and health and wellness. Many of our courses focus on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, saliva testing for hormonal imbalance, Gi issues and neurotransmitter testing, and weight loss.

If your patients have hormonal imbalances, leaky gut syndrome, and other problems, their health and wellness are suffering. Overall, their well-being is being dragged down, and they may have confidence issues and other concerns. You can help them overcome those things by using our wellness courses.

While you are taking our courses to earn continuing education credit, which is required for all doctors and nurses, there’s so much more to CME. The medical field changes and evolves all the time because of innovations, new technologies, and more. Therefore, your education can’t end when you get your degree. 

You must continue to learn throughout your career to give better patient care, advance your career, and more. 

CME lets you learn about new ways to improve the care you provide and manage your career in the changing landscape. Overall, you will:

  • Refine your skills and improve patient care
  • Address challenges you and others face daily
  • Stay current on all the latest developments in your specialty
  • Meet certification and licensing requirements in your state
  • Gain professional growth and advance your career
  • Learn team management skills

There are always new medical studies published and advancements made in the industry. These things affect patients and how they’re treated and assessed. Therefore, you can provide a better well-being to everyone through our health and wellness courses.

Likewise, CME will help you advance in your career. You should focus on your own well-being, but that also means staying on top of your education. This demonstrates how proactive you are, and employers will take note of that and see you favorably compared to others.

Most states require healthcare providers to continue their education through various courses. These can focus on well-being or health and wellness and will help you earn the credits necessary to work in your preferred field or specialty. 

A person’s well-being is just as important as their physical health, and you can help on both fronts. Consider our CME options today!

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