Weight Loss Training includes Ketosis and Semaglutide Tirzapatide Treatment Certification

CME Weight Loss and Ketosis Certification Courses

Weight Loss CME Training Course Including Ketosis and GLP-1 (Semaglutide, Tirzepatide) Use by PracticalCME

Since 2008, PracticalCME’s Weight Loss PracticalCME offers Botox Training, Dermal Filler Certification and other aesthetic training courses taught only by MD's in small group settings. Training for physicians, and nurse practitioners are built for providers who want to elevate their skillset and begin practicing a new service immediately. In particular, only Board-Certified experienced MD physicians teach our class.  This class is NOT a hastily assembled post-pandemic video.  It has been revised and evolved dozens of times since 2008.  Now with the inclusion of GLP-1 injection management along with diet, addressing food addictions and the role of ketosis, getting certified in modern weight loss approaches is more important than ever.  As always with PracticalCME, there are NO SPONSORS controlling the curriculum and no recommendation of fad products or Multi-Level Marketing Supplements.

Fully CME-Accredited Online Weight Loss Certification Course

Moreover, the presentation is backed by the support of over 200 peer-reviewed literature sources.  Upon completion of the online post-test, attendees can download and print their Accredited CME certificate worth 8 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits which are also accepted by AANP, AAPA, and ANCC for nurses.  Stream the course at your own pace.  Since the field is always changing, this is the only course that pushes free updates to all registered users for 2 years after purchase.  Finally, our expert MD faculty are always available by email, phone or live online chat with any questions you might have during the training process or while implementing your new service.

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  • Obesity By the Numbers
  • Why Obesity is the Greatest Epidemic of our Time
  • Obesity and Quality of Life
  • Costs of Obesity to Society
  • Obesity and Illness
  • Myths and Misconceptions about Dieting
  • Why Calorie Counting is Not Enough
  • Why Scale Weight is not the Best Indicator of Success
  • BIA Body Composition Testing

Obesity Behind the Scenes

  • Genetics of Obesity
  • Adaptive Thermogenesis
  • Sleep Deprivation and Weight Gain
  • Disorders of Intake
  • Food Addiction Hypothesis
    • Why We Crave Certain Foods
    • Why We Eat When We are Not Hungry
  • Gut Biome Contribution to Intake and Absorption Disorders
  • Dysregulation of Metabolism
  • Hormone Glucose Regulation
  • Intermittent Fasting … what works and what does not
  • Contribution of Hypothyroid to Obesity
  • Contribution of Male, Female and Stress Adrenal Hormone Imbalances to Obesity
  • Plastics and Pollutants Role in Obesity
  • How Exercise Can Cause Weight Gain or Weight Loss
  • Maximizing Exercise for Weight Loss … More is not Necessarily Better!

Pharmaceuticals and Supplements

  • Historical Agents
  • Prescription Stimulants
    • Literature summary
    • Prescribing variations
  • Combination Agents
  • New Novel Prescription Agents (Qsymia, Contrave, Incivree) 
  • GLP-1 Agonists (Liraglutide and Semaglutide)
  • GLP-1 Tips and Tricks
  • Tirzepatide (Mounjaro and Zepbound) differences and benefits over GLP-1’s
  • Off-Label Mediations likely to be approved in 2024-5**
  • New ORAL Prescription agents **
  • OTC Supplements
  • Why Caffeine Does Not Work
  •   **Course includes automatic updates as needed to follow these developments**

Analysis of Popular Diets

  • Counting Calories
  • The Low-Fat Mistake
  • Low-Carb, High-Fat
  • Low Glycemic Diets
  •  Glycemic Index vs Glycemic Load
  • Low-Carb, High-Protein
  • Ketosis Diets
    • How to Achieve Ketosis Safely
    • Physiology of Ketosis to Burn Fat
  • Meal Replacements
  • Dietary Recall Issues
  • Diet Apps

Practice Tips and Tricks

  • Billing Insurance
  • Handling the Reluctant, Resistant, and Defeated Weight Loss Patient
  • Incorporating BHRT, Thyroid, GI Testing and NT Testing into Weight Loss
  • How to take a Great Weight Loss History
  • Forming a Partnership with the Patient
  • Using Follow-up Visits for Continued Motivation and Compliance
  • Evidence-Based Weight Loss Online CME Certification
  • Accredited Certification AAFP accreditation certification for PracticalCME Botox and Filler Training Courses by AAFP and AMA Category 1
  • Credits accepted by AANP , AAPA, and ANCC
  • AAFP Elective credit is accepted by the American Medical Association as equivalent to AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ toward the AMA Physician’s Recognition Award.

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Eligibility for Hands-On Training…
  • Doctors (MD’s and DO’s)
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Physician Assistants
  • Registered Nurses

Other providers can take the course and receive the certificate, but legal scope of practice in your location is determined by your licensure, not a single training course.

First, Reserve your Online Training Seat in Evidence-Based Weight Loss or Bundle with Saliva Testing/BHRT and/or Neurotransmitter/GI training.

You will have 2 Years of Unlimited Online Access wtih Free Updates pushed to your account periodically as needed and new drugs are approved.


Then Watch the Online training at your own pace.  Follow clickable links and interact with our faculty for any questions you have.  When finished, complete the online post-test.


  • This class was so educational and allowed me to feel the most confident in doing Botox and dermal fillers. Throughout this course, all my questions were answered and I still feel that if I am to have a question I will be able to message Dr. Zengo. He did a great job at explaining the best techniques and I definitely recommend this class over any other class.

    Read More
    Peyton HawkinsBotox Filler Atlanta June 2024
  • Dr.Caiati was an excellent instructor for this course. He answered all questions enthusiastically & with the knowledge of years of experience as an aesthetics physician. His enthusiasm in the subject matter was evident and made for a comfortable learning environment. I appreciated how small the group was as well. We were able to ask questions and have a more interactive learning environment.

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    Lauren Summer BanoBotox and Filler Training September 2023
  • Dr. Caiati hosted a fantastic Botox/Filler/PRP/Microneedling course. He is very well versed in all things cosmetics and was very informative. I feel confident going out and performing these services after the training offered by PracticalCME between the didactic and clinical sessions. Highly recommended!

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    Marty Levy PA-C
  • I took the PacticalCME INJECTION TRIPLE Botox and Dermal Fillers with Cosmetic PRP Training with Dr. Robert Caiati and it was so great! Dr. Caiati is clearly a master of his art. He is not only extremely knowledgeable and clear and concise in his pedagogical method but he is also charming and very personable as well, I can easily see why his patients are so fond of him! Dr. Caiati really helped integrate the online module training into hands on practice, he was supportive and informative and I really could not have asked for more. I can only highly recommend this training for all aspiring aesthetic injectors.

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  • Awesome class! Great staff and very friendly.

    Read More
    Sandra Muller-WhiteNew York Botox & Fillers February 2024
  • I took the Botox training with Dr. Caiati and it was amazing! He was patient and very knowledgeable. Dr Caiati shows you techniques that will give you confidence to do inject Botox correctly. I really enjoyed the small class atmosphere. You get one on one experience. As a Nurse Practitioner, I highly recommend this course.

    Read More
    JacquelineNew York Botox & Fillers February 2023
  • Dr. Caiati was amazing with the hands on portion of the certification. He reviewed the slides and guided us to perform skills with safe practice! 100% recommend this course

    Read More
    ChristinaNew York Botox & Fillers February 2023
  • Great class! The staff was lovely and the instructor made sure everything was practiced properly and understood.

    Read More
  • Great introductory course to Botox and fillers. Lectures are very informative by Dr Zengo. Dr Caiati is a master of his skill. He taught us tricks and tips on injections. He put my nerves of occlusion at ease. Class sizes are small and you get the attention you need. Very excited to start my new journey.

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    KimberlyNurse Bella. New York BTX/Filler Training June 2022
  • Such great learning with the online portion for Botox and the hands on training with Dr. Caiati at Shore Medical. He was so patient and taught us great tips. Will be going back for Filler training!

    Read More
  • Online didactic material was comprehensive and thoroughly addressed all aspects of treatment. Dr. Huyen provided exceptional hands on training in a professional and supportive setting. I highly recommend this course and live training.

    Read More
    Molly SimpsonOrlando April 2022
  • I really learned a lot in a matter of 6 hours. It was truly hands on and the small group size was perfect for that. Dr. Huyen was very knowledgeable and personable. I was a novice when I arrived and left feeling comfortable doing all three procedures. I highly recommend the course.

    Read More
    Mihaela CarterOrlando BTX/Filler/PRP April 2022
  • Dr Huyen is a very knowledgeable Instructor. Her teaching the hand on was great very helpful with tips and technique. The class size was small which allowed time for questions and discussion. The online and hands training is great.

    Read More
    Beth Crater Florida March 2022
  • Excellent course

    Read More
    Nidal Radwan
  • Dr.Huyen was very knowledgeable and provided an excellent training environment. Her Knowledge and techniques were exceptional.

    Read More
    Amy Defranco Orlando/Daytona Beach Feb. 2022
  • Wonderful course worth every penny

    Read More
    Marissa Gonzalez, MDOrlando BTX/Filler November 2020
  • This course and the hands on instruction will truly be a game changer for my new practice.

    Read More
    Tammy CarterHands-On Course 2021
  • Dr. Zengo is amazing and well prepared.

    The class is very informative in a very small group. Definitely hands on was extensive, and I had a great experience.

    Read More
    Lydia RosarioNew York July 2021
  • Great experience! Highly recommended.

    Read More
    KarlaNovember 2020 PRP BTX/Filler
  • Great class ,recommend 100%

    Read More
    MaritereOrlando BTX/Filler June 2021
No training course alters the legal scope of practice as defined by the medical/nursing boards in your home state/country. Please review all state/country requirements for supervision for these procedures prior to adding them to your practice.

Course General Information & Purpose

Evidence-Based Weight Loss, Ketosis Diet CME Certification Training Course for Bariatric Providers. Course includes discussion of popular GLP-1-Aided Ketosis Diets
The number one complaint among our patients is weight gain and the inability to lose weight and keep it off effectively. The supplement industry makes over 50 million dollars a year offering solutions yet no pill has ever been shown to cause permanent weight loss. This course only presents evidence-based topics which will work with your patients. The course contains over 200 citations from the medical literature. Highlights of the course include…

  • Discussion of Food Addictions and How to Treat Them
  • The Role of Exercise as both a Help and Hindrance to weight loss
  • Understanding Macronutrients and How to Build a Healthy Menu
  • The Importance of Sleep in Weight Loss
  • Problems and Limitations With Current Pharmaceuticals
  • How to Select an Effective Meal Replacement for Your Practice
  • Detailed Information on Implementing an Effective Hormone-Aided Ketosis Diet in Your Practice

No proprietary, multi-level, or other expensive substances are recommended in this training. This course has no sponsors. Customizable patient information forms, consents, and sample menus for our recommended ketosis diet are included. Courses are taught live, as a live internet simulcast, or included at no charge with the purchase of selected live dates for our Saliva Testing/BHRT Course. The course is also available online as a fully interactive streaming presentation with email support from our faculty. So no matter how you train, you have nothing to lose. Your patients need this service and there is no better time to implement it than NOW!

If you have any further questions about this course, please Email our Medical Director.GL

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Excellence in CME Training Since 2008


  • The BHRT course is excellent, even if a bit overwhelming. There's SO much information to take in that I watched many slides two-three times, and took copious notes. But it's all good information, and Dr. Zengo explains everthing very clearly, citing the available evidence throughout. Best of all, Dr. Zengo stands by his promise to help you interpret data from patients you test as you get started. I highly recommend his online BHRT course to anyone interested in helping their patients feel "balanced" again.

    Read More
    Eric B, MDBHRT online course
  • I definitely have benefited greatly from your training. I was very skeptical about adding Weight Loss to my practice. Your courses made it very easy to get trained and your teaching was very efficient and effective. The courses and the office forms gave me all the materials and confidence I needed to get started immediately.

    Shortly thereafter, I began offering Rapid Weight Loss in my practice and it quickly became our most successful new service in our practice in just the first 12 months. All of this with very little investment in regards to training and supplies needed to get started. We earned back the costs of our training in just a matter of days.

    The instructors have been more than helpful on numerous occasions when I have had questions…always responding to emails very quickly with just the right information. You keep up to date with all of the latest research and journals and the information presented in your training programs reflect this. Of all the CME courses I have ever had, yours have been the most exciting and beneficial to my practice. Thanks for all of your help over the past 5 years.

    Read More
    Joe Johnson, MDCME
  • Yours was the 4th different lecture on Bio-Identical Hormones that I have attended. It was by far the most comprehensive and passionate presentation on the subject.

    Read More
    Susanti Chowdhury, MDBio-Identical Hormones
  • Of all the CME courses I have taken in an effort to expand my medical practice, I can say without hesitation that PracticalCME's lectures have been the most well-presented, memorable, and enjoyable.

    Read More
  • The Hormone Balancing Course has been practice changing. We now have about 25% of my practice involved with hormone, adrenal support, and GI health. This is gratifying for both me and my patients, because I can now offer options that I didn't have before for menopause, fatigue, and IBS symptoms. It has also been very helpful financially, because I make profits not only on visits, but also on labs and supplements. I did not even need to advertise, because these issues are so common and patients want good answers. In summary, the courses offered by PracticalCME have helped me become more profitable and bring vitality and fun back into my practice. I would highly recommend all of these courses to anyone.

    Read More
    J. JohnsonBHRT course
  • Your wellness courses have helped establish my wellness-oriented practice. I am no longer taking any new Medicare or Medicaid and am averaging 3 new private insurance/cash patients a day!

    Read More
    M.D. from IllinoisWellness Triple Classes
  • Incorporating the weight loss principles I learned from the "Evidence-Based Weight Loss" Course into my practice has helped my family and my patients lose a record amount of weight and improve their wellness like never before. It was also very profitable for me, netting me over $48,000 in profits in the first year from product sales alone.

    Read More
    J.J., MD in CaliforniaWeight Loss Training
  • Thanks PracticalCME. When I first ordered the video weight loss course I was skeptical about the outcome and how this will benefit my practice. It was great. It was so convincing that I took the live course. I came back and started doing right away what I learned. The course had so much information that time to time I got confused.

    I got great follow up and support after the course. The teacher (Dr. Zengo) always answered my email questions in a few hours. This was the beauty of the course (100 % follow up and support). I really felt ashamed at the very beginning of the many times I bothered him with questions. He always supportive and accurate. I do not remember any other CME like that. Dr. Zengo is an excellent advisor and teacher, he always answered my questions in less than 4-6 hours and his advice is priceless . The money that I invested in this training has been recovered in less than 1 month. I also cut my hours at the hospital, enjoying medicine and family again.

    Read More
    Ronald Lieberman, DOGreat CME
  • I definitely have benefited greatly from your training. I was very skeptical about adding Weight Loss to my practice. Your courses made it very easy to get trained and your teaching was very efficient and effective. The courses and the office forms gave me all the materials and confidence I needed to get started immediately.

    Shortly thereafter, I began offering Rapid Weight Loss in my practice and it quickly became our most successful new service in our practice in just the first 12 months. All of this with very little investment in regards to training and supplies needed to get started. We earned back the costs of our training in just a matter of days.

    The instructors have been more than helpful on numerous occasions when I have had questions…always responding to emails very quickly with just the right information. You keep up to date with all of the latest research and journals and the information presented in your training programs reflect this. Of all the CME courses I have ever had, yours have been the most exciting and beneficial to my practice. Thanks for all of your help over the past 5 years.

    Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

By looking at the medical literature, we help you teach patients how to lose weight using only what is known to be true in the medical literature, and not using fad supplements and gimmicks commonly advertised directly to patients.
Evidence shows that the three best weight management strategies are reduction in manufactured processed foods, daily physical activity, and consistent sleep and stress reduction. Diet pills and meal replacement shakes are NOT on this list.
You should choose a board-certified physician who does not peddle “quick fix” supplements and prescriptions to guarantee weight loss, but focuses on stress reduction, lifestyle improvements, and a whole food menu that you can follow for life.
The best prescription is stress reduction, a natural food menu, and rehabilitation of the GI tract that has been compromised due to processed foods. No prescription weight loss pill, shake, or over the counter supplement has proven to cause permanent weight loss.
Since 2008, PracticalCME’s weight loss training focuses on the strategies that work including pairing weight loss with BHRT testing, and GI/Neurotransmitter testing. The training also focuses on eliminating food addictions to prevent weight re-gain.

Our evidence-based course has been designed for medical professionals who want to help their patients lose weight.

Therefore, it’s ideal for doctors (MDs and DOs), physician assistants, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and other licensed experts offering guidance to weight loss patients.

However, it’s essential to know that our training course won’t alter the legal scope of the weight loss practice set by your home state’s or country’s medical or nursing boards. If you want more information about it, please review the requirements for your location.

Our online classes present evidence-based topics and over 200 citations from the medical literature with key information on obesity, myths and misconceptions about dieting, sleep deprivation and weight gain, metabolism dysregulation, hormone glucose regulation, and exercise.

In addition, our curriculum has high-quality, professional content on weight loss supplements and pharmaceuticals, reviews of popular diets, and practical tips and tricks for creating a comprehensive and effective personal weight loss plan.

PlacticaCME’s classes also include customizable patient information forms, sample menus for recommended ketosis diets, consents, and more. These resources come in handy for those providing or planning to provide weight loss services.

Our training course has been designed to provide professionals with up-to-date information on how to build an effective and evidence-based medical weight loss program.  This includes all of the latest information on Ozempic, Wegovy and Mounjaro for weight loss.

PracticalCME’s courses don’t recommend MLM products, and there are no sponsors controlling our curriculum. We focus on what works long-term to help patients lose weight.

You don’t have to attend our weight loss online classes at fixed hours. Instead, you can complete the course at your own pace. Plus, our content is engaging and interactive, and you can get updates for up to two years at no additional charge.

As the obesity epidemic balloons, getting involved in medical weight loss clinics is helping medical professionals grow their income. However, we also care about patients.

As a result, our courses can help medical professionals add value to their careers and learn best practices to help their patients achieve their goals.

Yes, you’re right! This course’s content has all the information you need to create an effective personal weight loss plan tailored to your patient’s needs and goals.

Yes, you will! We understand that weight gain is one of the main concerns of patients. Therefore, we include crucial information on weight management, how to handle a reluctant, defeated, and resistant patient, how to use follow-up visits for continued motivation, forming a partnership with patients, and more.

Yes! After reviewing the course’s content, you must complete and pass the post-test to receive a printable certificate. This training program is acceptable for up to 6.0 credits accepted by AAPA and AANP.

Prices for our weight loss training courses start at $1,495.00. You can buy them now and pay over time with Affirm for as low as $91 per month.

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