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Yours was the 4th different lecture on Bio-Identical Hormones that I have attended. It was by far the most comprehensive and passionate presentation on the subject.

Susanti Chowdhury MD, Florida

Great job on the video Cosmetic Uses of PRP Course. You provide the clinical research that backs us up and gives us the precedent for adding this very new procedure. You always emphasize safety every step of the way. I loved the consent forms that I could edit and use in my practice. The marketing ideas were also very helpful. I feel like I am well-taught, organized and ready to add this procedure to my practice right now. I highly recommend this PRP course to anyone. Thanks again.

K.E. MD Arkansas

Of all the CME courses I have taken in an effort to expand my medical practice, I can say without hesitation that PracticalCME’s lectures have been the most well-presented, memorable, and enjoyable.”

N.G. Arizona

After 15 years in the academic world of Family Medicine I decided to start a solo practice, but with a wellness center focus. I attended several of the courses presented by Dr. Zengo. Having educated medical students and residents for years, I can personally testify that Dr. Zengo is a shining example of a great educator.

M.D. Illinois

PracticalCME’s video wellness (BHRT and Weight Loss) courses distinctly stands head and shoulders above all others I have taken. Dr. Zengo’s presentation style is incredibly unique. It’s as if he is telling a story, leaving you on the edge of your seat, as he demonstrates an uncanny ability to simplify what appears at first to be complex information. Moreover, PracticalCME’s instructors’ availability to answer your questions or clarify the material afterwards is unsurpassed by any other course I have ever witnessed. Consider yourself very lucky if you find yourself in a position to take any PracticalCME live or video course.

Ronald Lieberman, DO – Delaware

The Sclerotherapy training was comprehensive, providing the newest and safest techniques. I also did private, hands-on training with the instructor that quickly brought me from novice to proficiency, leaving me confident that I could do this in my practice. This has been a lot of fun and is about twice as profitable as seeing regular patients. Results have been fantastic, and there is little cost involved in this technique. It is much more comfortable, effective and has fewer side effects than treatments with the laser I used to use. The Saliva Testing and Natural Hormone Balancing Course has been practice changing. We now have about 25% of my practice involved with hormone, adrenal support, and GI health. This is gratifying for both me and my patients, because I can now offer options that I didn’t have before for menopause, fatigue, and IBS symptoms. It has also been very helpful financially, because I make profits not only on visits, but also on labs and supplements. I did not even need to advertise, because these issues are so common and patients want good answers. In summary, the courses offered by PracticalCME have helped me become more profitable and bring vitality and fun back into my practice. I would highly recommend all of these courses to anyone.

Joe Johnson, MD – Nevada

I found the online sclerotherapy course to be excellent. I had taken a sclerotherapy course last year, but found it to be very inadequate. Your course covered everything I needed to know about the subject and I feel as though I as a practitioner will benefit greatly from it and my patients will be very thankful. I can honestly say it was money well spent.”

Jennifer Canesi, NP

This was the most science-based training course on liposuction I have ever taken. It was very organized and logical. It covered all of the physiology and basic science every doctor needs before performing liposuction surgery. I had done over 100 cases before taking this course and I still learned a lot from it.

Ayman Shahine MD, New York

Your wellness courses have helped establish my wellness-oriented practice. I am no longer taking any new Medicare or Medicaid and am averaging 3 new private insurance/cash patients a day!

M.D. Illinois

Incorporating the weight loss principles I learned from the “Evidence-Based Weight Loss” Course into my practice has helped my family and my patients lose a record amount of weight and improve their wellness like never before. It was also very profitable for me, netting me over $48,000 in profits in the first year from product sales alone.

J.J. MD, California

Thanks PracticalCME. When I first ordered the video weight loss course I was skeptical about the outcome and how this will benefit my practice. It was great. It was so convincing that I took the live course. I came back and started doing right away what I learned. The course had so much information that time to time I got confused.

I got great follow up and support after the course. The teacher (Dr. Zengo) always answered my email questions in a few hours. This was the beauty of the course (100 % follow up and support). I really felt ashamed at the very beginning of the many times I bothered him with questions. He always supportive and accurate. I do not remember any other CME like that. Dr. Zengo is an excellent advisor and teacher, he always answered my questions in less than 4-6 hours and his advice is priceless . The money that I invested in this training has been recovered in less than 1 month. I also cut my hours at the hospital, enjoying medicine and family again.

Ronald Lieberman, DO – Delaware

I definitely have benefited greatly from your training. I was very skeptical about adding Weight Loss to my practice. Your courses made it very easy to get trained and your teaching was very efficient and effective. The courses and the office forms gave me all the materials and confidence I needed to get started immediately.

Shortly thereafter, I began offering Rapid Weight Loss in my practice and it quickly became our most successful new service in our practice in just the first 12 months. All of this with very little investment in regards to training and supplies needed to get started. We earned back the costs of our training in just a matter of days.

The instructors have been more than helpful on numerous occasions when I have had questions…always responding to emails very quickly with just the right information. You keep up to date with all of the latest research and journals and the information presented in your training programs reflect this. Of all the CME courses I have ever had, yours have been the most exciting and beneficial to my practice. Thanks for all of your help over the past 5 years.

Joe Johnson, MD – Nevada