Evidence-Based Weight Loss CME Ketosis Diet Certification Training

The Most Complete Medical Weight Loss Training Course Anywhere.  Complete instruction of all weight loss options including popular hormone-assisted ketosis diets.

PracticalCME has the ONLY Medical Weight Loss Course that Offers…
7.25 AMA Category 1 CME Credits
 Full Course on Video with Downloadable Patient Forms and Ketosis Diet Sample Consents

 Live or Recorded Online Classes
 Over 200 Primary Literature Citations
Instructors Continuously Available to Answer Questions
No Sponsors Controlling the Curriculum, and no Proprietary Supplements or Testing

Evidence-Based Weight Loss, Ketosis Diet CME Certification Training Course for Bariatric Providers.  Course includes discussion of popular Hormone-Aided Ketosis Diets

The number one complaint among our patients is weight gain and the inability to lose weight and keep it off effectively.  The supplement industry makes over 50 million dollars a year offering solutions yet no pill has ever been shown to cause permanent weight loss.  This course only presents evidence-based topics which will work with your patients.  The course contains over 200 citations from the medical literature.  Highlights of the course include…

  • Discussion of Food Addictions and How to Treat Them
  • The Role of Exercise as both a Help and Hindrance to weight loss
  • Understanding Macronutrients and How to Build a Healthy Menu
  • The Importance of Sleep in Weight Loss
  • Problems and Limitations With Current Pharmaceuticals
  • How to Select an Effective Meal Replacement for Your Practice
  • Detailed Information on Implementing an Effective Hormone-Aided Ketosis Diet in Your Practice

No proprietary, multi-level, or other expensive substances are recommended in this training.  This course has no sponsors.  Customizable patient information forms, consents, and sample menus for our recommended ketosis diet are included.  Courses are taught live, as a live internet simulcast, or included at no charge with the purchase of selected live dates for our Saliva Testing/BHRT Course.  The course is  also available online as a fully interactive streaming presentation with email support from our faculty.  So no matter how you train, you have nothing to lose.  Your patients need this service and there is no better time to implement it than NOW!

If you have any further questions about this course, please Email our Medical Director.


  • Obesity By the Numbers
  • Why Obesity is the Greatest Epidemic of our Time
  • Obesity and Quality of Life
  • Obesity and Illness
  • Myths and Misconceptions about Dieting
  • Why Calorie Counting is Not Enough
  • Why Scale Weight is not the Best Indicator of Success
  • BIA Body Composition Testing

Obesity Behind the Scenes

  • Genetics of Obesity
  • Sleep Deprivation and Weight Gain
  • Food Addiction Hypothesis
    • Why We Crave Certain Foods
    • Why We Eat When We are Not Hungry
  • How Exercise Can Cause Weight Gain or Weight Loss
  • Sensible Exercise Guidelines

Pharmaceuticals and Supplements

  • Historical Agents
  • Prescription Stimulants
  • Off Label Pharmaceuticals
    • Antidepressants
    • MetforminWt Loss HCG Instruction Small2
    • Topiramate
  • New FDA-Approved Agents
  • Agents in the Pipeline
  • OTC Supplements
  • Why Caffeine Does Not Work

Analysis of Popular Diets

  • Counting Calories
  • The Low-Fat Mistake
  • Low-Carb, High-Fat
  • Low Glycemic Diets
  • Low-Carb, High-Protein
  • Ketosis Diets
    • How to Achieve Ketosis Safely
    • Physiology of Ketosis to Burn Fat
    • How H-C-G is used in Ketosis Protocols
  • Meal Replacements
  • Toxins and Obesity
  • Nutritional Cleansing

Practice Tips and Tricks

  • Billing Insurance
  • Incorporating BHRT into Weight Loss
  • Pricing and Packaging Services
  • SEO Tricks to Move Your Website Up in the Rankings

Q&A and Discussion


AAFP Prescribed credit is accepted by the American Medical Association as equivalent to AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ toward the AMA Physician’s Recognition Award.

AAFP Accreditation Website
AMA PRA Category 1 Accreditation Information
Royal College of Physicians (Canada) AMA CME Reciprocity Statement

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