Aesthetic CME Training Courses Want to learn what it’s like to get Botox Training in the unique FAST TRACK(TM) blended online and live Botox Training environment.  Check out our You Tube channel which has video clips and detailed information of our courses.

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The best training is the one that you can use to build a successful practice.  Learn why small-group MD-taught Botox Training Courses give you the best training experience.  For example, courses that combine live instruction and hands-on in small groups with a durable online curriculum.  Then you can begin building that profitable practice of your dreams.

Just one new Botox patient per day, with repeat treatments at regular intervals, will earn you over $160,000 of revenue in year one.  That’s from a single patient every working day.  Now you see why saving $500 on a cheap training course that doesn’t meet your needs or not traveling to the right small-group course will cost you dearly in the end.  Because after one year, the cost of your training plus even airfare and hotel is negligible.  Choose wisely!  All of our instructors have built successful practices from scratch and are eager to help you do the same.