PDO Thread Training Courses (MINT PDO and NovaThreads Training)

Since 2019, PracticalCME’s All-MD Faculty has taught Fully Accredited, PDO Thread Training Classes Streatming Online and Fully CME Accredited. Combine with our Partners AIAM, MINT PDO, NovaThreads and Miracu for further Hands-On PDO Certification.
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⚠️ Most Thread Manufacturer Hands-On Courses are NOT CME-Accredited. ⚠️
Adding PracticalCME’s CME-Accredited course fulfills the requirements for most medical liability insurers for CME Certified Training.

Botox Training Online, Filler Training online, PDO Thread Training, CME-Accredited PDO Thread Hands-On Course, PDO Thread Certification
PDO Thread Training, CME-Accredited PDO Thread Hands-On Course, PDO Thread Certification

✅ 2 Years Online Course Access With Free Updates
✅ Hands-On with Experienced MD Instructors
✅ Up to 20.25 AMA CME Credits

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All Courses Eligible for Affirm Pay Over Time for as little as $80/month and 0.0% Interest
AMA Category 1 Certification Credits for this Training Course

Online 9-Hour PDO Thread Training Course with Narrated Case Videos

PracticalCME’s PDO Thread Training Certification Courses are built for physicians, nurse practitioners, and other licensed health-care practitioners. Only Board-Certified experienced physicians teach our class and contribute to the first ever CME-Accredited Online PDO Thread Training which debuted in 2019.

Upon completion of our PDO Thread Training Classes, the attendee will receive a total of 9 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™.

Blended Online + Live Training

Pair your PracticalCME Online PDO Certification with Live Hands-On Training offered by one or more of our partners…

AIAM Medical Training



… and complete your hands-on training certification.

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Find out why our legendary PDO Thread online training course is the best first step to learning safe PDO Thread Technique and Facial Anatomy in a Fully-Accredited CME Training Course. Finally, your online course will be kept up-to-date with free updates for 2 years from the initial purchase.

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Complete PDO Thread Training you can Watch Over and Over

  • Didn’t learn EVERYTHING in your old PDO training course?

    Become an Expert with our online curriculum.

    • Start watching online Anatomy and PDO Thread Lift course material immediately
    • Downloadable consents and patient instruction forms
    • Dozens of linked case videos and proprietary PracticalCME narrated cases.
    • Perfect for providers who are already practicing but need more training.
AMA Category 1 CME Certification for this Botox Training, Filler Training, PRP Training or Microneedling Training Course

CME Accreditation Statement: 9 AMA/AAFP CME Credits

  • PDO Thread Training Course
  • Accredited Certification by AAFP and AMA Category 1
  • Credits accepted by AANP and AAPA
  • AAFP Elective credit is accepted by the American Medical Association as equivalent to AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ toward the AMA Physician’s Recognition Award.

PDO Thread Training Courses and Packages

All Courses Eligible for Affirm Pay Over Time for as little as $126/month and 0.0% Interest

PDO Thread Training with Optional Hands-On Certification from MINT or AIAM

Since 2019, PracticalCME has been a leader in small-group, hands-on PDO Thread Training. Moreover, our 9 Credit CME Online Curriculum with Live Narrated Case Videos can be combined live One-On Hands-On Experience. You have two choices for hands-on training:  MINT Threads (booked separately at mint.pdo.com) or NovaThreads (through AIAM partnership), or with any other Thread Manufacturer’s Hands-On Training.

FAST TRACK™ Online Certification Prepares you for ANY Hands-On Training

Since 2012, we have pioneered FAST TRACK™ Training. This gives every live course participant…

  • A full 9-hour streaming, interactive online presentation complete with narrated treatment videos.
  • Because the online learning begins from the moment you place your order, you can learn at your own pace.
  • Print your online CME certificate after passing the online post-test.
  • Then, attend the live hands-on sponsored by the thread manufacturers ready to plan and perform your first case.

9 AMA Category 1 level CME credits

Because our courses are backed by the gold standard in CME certification, you can rest assured that you are receiving the best training with no sponsorship or bias whatsoever. Use your online certificate to set up your accounts to purchase toxin and filler, then use your hands-on certificate for your liability insurance. FAST TRACK™ gets you ready for a great hands-on experience.  Other hands-on courses have little to no didactic and you watch a hands-on case “cold” with no knowledge prior to the live date.  Taking our training first prior to hands-on gets you fully prepared to start doing cases in your office as soon as you complete hands-on training.

Why Choose PracticalCME for your PDO Thread Lift (Smooth & Barbed) Training?

  • Experienced: First, we have been in business since 2008 and have only MD instructors with at least 10 years’ experience.
  • Dependable: Also, PracticalCME has never cancelled a class.
  • Comprehensive: Spend as much time as you need on the online materials. Receive free updates and re-review as often as needed for 2 full years after purchase.
  • Prepared: Because everyone learns the online material in advance, you already know the basics when you attend the live date.
  • Helpful: Customizable consents and patient instruction forms can be downloaded from the online course for use in your own practice.
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Who is Eligible to Take PracticalCME Training Courses?

PDO Thread Lift Training for Medical Professionals

  • Doctors (MD’s and DO’s)
  • Nurse Practitioners & Physician’s Assistants
  • Others are eligible for the online course only, but not the hands-on training at this time.
  • Non-US Licensed Providers Chat with us using the chat box below or email us
No training course alters the legal scope of practice as defined by the medical/nursing boards in your home state/country. Please review all state/country requirements for supervision for these procedures prior to adding them to your practice.
AMA Category 1 Certification Credits for this Training Course

PDO Thread Training Course Fully Online

9 Hour Online Didactic Curriculum (done at your own pace)

Thread Lift vs Face Lift

  • Thread Lift in the literature
  • Consensus opinion on thread lift
  • Differences between Thread Lift and Face Lift

Facial Anatomy

  • Skin and Fat
  • Musculature and Fascia
  • Blood Vessels at risk and How to Avoid
  • Major Nerves at risk and How to Avoid

Facial Aging

  • Skin Layers and Age
  • UV-induced Changes
  • Gravitational Changes vs Volume Loss
  • Shifts in the SMAS Structural Fat
  • What causes Jowls and Naso-Labial Folds?

History of Thread Lifting

  • Review of Historical Products
  • Review of Branded non-PDO Products

PDO Thread Lifting

  • Advantages of PDO suture material
  • Metabolism of PDO
  • Available FDA-approved PDO products
    • Smooth Sutures
    • Coiled Sutures
    • Barbed Sutures
    • Anchored Sutures

The Physics of Facial Lifting

  • Directional Rules
  • Areas to Avoid
  • Identifying a Good Thread Lift Candidate

Performing the PDO Thread Lift

  • Review of Local Anesthesia
    • Lidocaine maximum dosing
  • Planning and Marking
    • Upper Face / Forehead
    • Mid-Face
    • Lower-Face
    • Jawline
    • Submental
    • Neck
    • Body Areas
  • Consent
  • Smooth Thread Volumization Strategies
    • Brow
    • Cheeks
    • Upper Lip
    • Folds and Wrinkles
    • Neck
  • Barbed Thread Lifting Strategies
    • Floating
    • Tied
    • Anchored in Temporal Fascia
    • Mid-Face
    • Lower Face
    • Submental Region
    • Forehead/Brow
    • Abdomen and Leg
  • Detailed Procedure Description and Video Review
    • Narrated Case Videos Exclusive to PracticalCME
    • Avoiding Complications
    • Patient Instructions Post-Procedure
    • Launching Your New Service
    • Additional Literature
    • Post-Test

End of Online Didactic Curriculum

Day 2 — LIVE Hands-On Training with your Thread Manufacturer (purchased separately)

  • Our Online curriculum pre-qualifies you to get the best possible experience at your hands-on course.
  • Choose from hands-on courses provided by AIAM (NovaThreads) or HansBiomed (MINT PDO).  This training is not included in your PracticalCME purchase but may be available at a discount.

NovaThreads® and MINT PDO® are registered trademarks of their respective owners. This course is independent and not affiliated with any one thread lift suture provider.

Course General Information & Purpose

How the Best Doctors and Mid-Levels Learn PDO Thread Lift Techniques

Nobody learns how to perform thread lifting procedures in their basic medical or nursing education.  These PDO Thread Lift procedures do not belong to any one specialty or group of providers.  For over a decade, PracticalCME has provided inclusive aesthetic training courses for all eligible practitioners.  Hands-On training in PDO Thread Lifting (NovaThreads, MINT) is our latest addition.  It is our goal to provide you safe, evidence-based certification training before, during, and after the live hands-on training date.  Our physician faculty members will continue to support you while you transition from student to provider in these services.

With our unique FAST TRACK™ PDO Thread Lift classes, you are ready to practice your new procedure in 3 easy steps…

  1. Watch the narrated online content at your own pace.
  2. Attend the live review of the protocols, Q&A, and hands-on training
  3. Begin practicing and re-review the online content when necessary


Over 98% of our attendees rate our aesthetic training courses “excellent” and would recommend PracticalCME to a friend or colleague.

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Frequently Asked Questions

PDO is an absorbable suture material called polydioxanone which has been used since the 1980’s. It can be used in aesthetics to stimulate new tissue growth and/or reposition fallen fat pads in the face and neck due to aging. It has a low rate of complications and infection
Barbed PDO threads require local anesthesia and should be performed by MD’s, DO’s or NP’s, and PA’s working under a skilled MD or DO physician. Smooth PDO threads for volumization use a similar skillset as Dermal Fillers and may be appropriate for RN’s as well under a proper protocol and MD supervision per the laws of your state.
The PracticalCME online PDO Thread training is approved for 8 CME credits. It was the first PDO thread course to have CME credits using online materials and recorded cases.
At practicalCME, our online courses are visual, and you can watch it many times to reinforce your learning. Our PDO thread course has hours of narrated case videos that you can watch over and over again. Watching someone do a case live one time will not help you at all when you get home if you do not have the recorded course material and protocols to review again later.
It definitely helps to know Fillers prior to threads since both require finding the perfect depth of injection. But for patient satisfaction, many patients cannot be fully treated with threads alone, and would benefit most from combination therapy including Botox, Fillers and PRP in addition to threads.

PracticalCME was the first to offer both live and online CME-approved training in PDO threads and our blended online + live course offers 15 CME credits. It is very important to learn the characteristics of PDO thread material and the studies behind it prior to using it in your practice. This cannot be covered in courses where all you do is watch cases, or do a case with a proctor. Courses without CME credit are prone to bias from a sponsor or fail to have the academic rigor needed to earn CME accreditation.

We have relied on FAST TRACK training for the last 10 years to offer high-quality online courses to our students and prepare them for any hands-on training.

Each live course participant will have access to a full 9-hour streaming, interactive presentation with live narrated videos and extensive content on PDO threads.

Students will learn about the proper PDO thread lift procedure right from the beginning, as our didactic curriculum has no bias whatsoever. Additionally, participants can learn at their own pace and review the course’s content at any time.

However, this advanced training doesn’t conclude after reviewing the online content. Students must pass a post-test to earn a printable CME certificate.

After that, participants can also attend optional live hands-on classes to test their knowledge about barbed and smooth PDO threads.

These hands-on sessions are sponsored by thread manufacturers. They allow participants to plan and perform their first case.

There are many reasons why medical professionals choose PracticalCME for their PDO threads training. Here are the main ones:

  • Our PDO training courses are taught by seasoned MD instructors with at least 10 years of experience.
  • We are fully committed to offering comprehensive training. Besides delivering high-quality, evidence-based content, we never cancel a class.
  • Our PDO thread training course has been designed to help participants learn at their own pace. You can spend as much time as you need reviewing the online material.
  • We offer customizable consents and downloadable patient instructions forms to help participants integrate thread face-lifting into their practice.
  • After purchasing our PDO threads training course, you will receive free content updates for at least two years.
  • We don’t offer grainy videos featuring someone lecturing. Instead, our online content is interactive and has live links to help you expand your knowledge on PDO threads.

While we focus on providing first-class training to our students, we also care about their future patients. Therefore, our
PDO thread lift certification covers key topics, such as major risks related to the procedure, safety practices, and more.

Furthermore, our training courses are available in many cities across the US.

Yes, you can take our PDO thread lifting course if you are a nurse practitioner.

PracticalCME’s PDO thread training course is open to doctors – both MDs and DOs, registered nurses (RNs), nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and other licensed medical professionals (they’re only eligible for hands-on training).

Non-US licensed providers cannot participate in our hands-on sessions but may be eligible for our online courses.

If you are interested in our PDO thread lift training but aren’t a US-licensed provider, don’t hesitate to contact us through our website’s chat box or email.

All healthcare professionals who take our PDO training courses will have the opportunity to participate in hands-on sessions and practice the techniques they learned through the online content by using real products.

If you take our PDO thread lift course, you have two options to choose from during your hands-on training. These are:

  • MINT Threads – They are booked separately at mint.pdo.com.
  • NovaThreads – They are acquired through the AIAM partnership.

However, both NovaThreads® and MINT PDO® are registered trademarks and belong to their respective owners.

Our PDO training courses are independent and aren’t affiliated with any of these thread lift suture providers.

Since we want to offer comprehensive training and evidence-based, high-quality content, we designed a PDO thread lift course that covers all the topics you should understand to add this procedure to your practice and offer safe related services to your future patients.

With our training course, you will be able to learn everything from PDO thread lift placement to the areas you should avoid when doing facial lifting.

Our content includes valuable information on the types of PDO thread sutures for the face, considering variations in size, tissue adhesion, and length. In addition, you will know the advantages of each material.

Yes, you can! One of the sections of our course’s content is about facial anatomy, so you can review information about the blood vessels or major nerves at risk and how to avoid them.

Yes, we do! As part of our PDO thread lift course, we also offer information on the available FDA-approved PDO products, which include the following:

  • Smooth sutures
  • Barbed sutures
  • Coiled sutures
  • Anchored sutures

Our PDO thread lift training courses are available from $1,695.00. You can make a single payment or pay over time for as little as $156 each month with 0.0% interest, as all our programs are eligible for Affirm.

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