Cosmetic Sclerotherapy Courses

Sclerotherapy CME CertificationOne-Day Cosmetic Sclerotherapy Training
Sclerotherapy Certification including Sclerotherapy Hands-On Training at all live sites
Learn at Your Own Pace Using PracticalCME’s unique FAST TRACK (TM) Training with Online Course in advance of the Live Hands-On Training Class

PracticalCME has the ONLY Cosmetic Sclerotherapy Training that Offers…
8.0 AMA Category 1 CME Credits
20-Minute One-on-One Hands-On Sessions Available

Maximum Class Size of 6 Providers
Learn the Latest Protocols Including Foam and Transillumination

All Course Material Reviewable Online prior to Live Date

“Fly-In, Fly-Out” one-day Training with Hands-On … Cosmetic spider vein treatment cme hands-on coursesSclerotherapy Certification CME Training

Learn at Your Own Pace Using PracticalCME’s unique FAST TRACK (TM) Training with optional Hands-On Experience and earn up to 8.0 CME Credit Hours

PracticalCME’s certification training in cosmetic vein treatment of the legs features instruction in all of the latest protocols including transillumination, treatment of subsurface feeder veins, and use of foam agents.  This CME-accredited, hands-on training program is offered only in small group FAST TRACK(TM) learning environments with a class size of 6 or fewer participants per session.  This unique learning approach features …

  • Full-Length Streaming Sclerotherapy Online Course sent immediately upon registration.
  • Participants must complete the Online Sclerotherapy Course and pass a post-test prior to the Live Hands-On date.
  • At the Live Hands-On date, all protocols are reviewed in a live lecture review followed by a Q&A and Discussion session.Fast Track Training
  • All registered and qualified participants will have the opportunity to perform Sclerotherapy hands-on injections on vein simulators, and live patients if available.  Participants who bring a model patient may also reserve a 20-minute one-on-one intensive hands-on session with the instructor.  Only 3 of these private sessions are available for any live date.  Any participant who does not have proper licensing to give therapeutic injections of prescription medication will be denied hands-on practice on live patients.

Only evidence-based protocols with an emphasis on safety will be taught.  These are the protocols taught and featured in American College of Phlebology events and publications.  You will be ready to practice this procedure safely and effectively at the end of our FAST TRACK(TM) training course.  You can also refer to the online course component after the live date to further reinforce your learning.

The streaming course includes video clips of the procedure and links to downloadable, editable patient consents and forms.  If you have any further questions about this course, please Email our Medical Director.

Anatomy and Physiology of Superficial Veins of the LegsSclerotherapy Training Course

  • The Specialty of Phlebology
  • Superficial vs. Deep Veins
  • Venous Insufficiency Definitions
  • Causes of Venous Reflux
  • Distinguishing Cosmetic vs. Medical Venous Reflux
  • Identifying Treatable Spider and Reticular Veins
  • Planning Your Treatment Course
  • Taking a Patient History and Identifying Risk Factors

Performing the Treatment

  • Historical Sclerosant Agents
  • Why Saline is no longer the Standard of Care
  • Modern Sclerosant Agents
    • Sclerodex
    • Glycerin
    • Detergent Agents (STS and POL)
  • Choosing the Right Agent for the Right Vein
  • Technique of Painless Spider Vein Injection
  • Transillumination
  • Foam Sclerosants
  • Technique of Painless Reticular Feeder Vein Injection
  • Handling Complications
    • Staining
    • Matting
    • Ulceration
  • Supplies Needed
  • Patient Consent

Review of Other Treatment Modalities

  • Use of Lasers in Spider Vein Treatment
  • Introduction to Large Vein Treatment

Practice Tips and Tricks

  • Customizable Office Forms for History, Consent, Treatment Record, Patient Instructions
  • Setting up your Practice
  • Scheduling Patients
  • Treatment Packages and Pricing

Live Technique Demonstration and Hands-On Practice opportunity for qualified attendees


AAFP Prescribed credit is accepted by the American Medical Association as equivalent to AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ toward the AMA Physician’s Recognition Award.

AAFP Accreditation Website
AMA PRA Category 1 Accreditation Information
Royal College of Physicians (Canada) AMA CME Reciprocity Statement

Only PracticalCME Medical Training offers FAST TRACK (TM) training courses.  Only FAST TRACK training courses give the participant the opportunity to learn the material in 3 parts….

  1. Online Interactive Streaming Presentation of the entire course.  The online material is interactive, searchable, indexed and contains live clickable links.  It is not a grainy YouTube video of a lecture.
  2. Live Q&A with Discussion and Hands-On opportunity
  3. Review of the online material to further reinforce the concepts and protocols.

We typically retain only 10-20% of what we learn in a “cold” live lecture setting.  When learning a new procedure, we cannot afford to forget this much when we treat our first patient.  This is why we send you the complete course to watch at your own pace immediately once you register.  All participants must watch the entire course along with the treatment videos and pass the post-test prior to attending the live Hands-On workshop date.  The live Hands-On workshop typically has 6 or fewer attendees to maximize the time for Q&A and deeper discussion of the treatment protocols.  Most attendees feel like an “expert” before the live session even begins.  Over 98% of our attendees prefer FAST TRACK (TM) training and feel very confident after returning to their offices to perform their first treatment.

Practical CME FAST TRACK Botox Training

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PracticalCME Medical TrainingReviews from Our Attendees
5 Stars - Based on 388 User Reviews

Of all the CME courses I have taken in an effort to expand my medical practice, I can say without hesitation that PracticalCME's lectures have been the most well-presented, memorable, and enjoyable.

Jennifer Canesi, NPSclerotherapy Online Course

I found the online sclerotherapy course to be excellent. I had taken a sclerotherapy course last year, but found it to be very inadequate. Your course covered everything I needed to know about the subject and I feel as though I as a practitioner will benefit greatly from it and my patients will be very thankful. I can honestly say it was money well spent.

Joseph Johnson, MDSclerotherapy

The Sclerotherapy training was comprehensive, providing the newest and safest techniques. I also did private, hands-on training with the instructor that quickly brought me from novice to proficiency, leaving me confident that I could do this in my practice. This has been a lot of fun and is about twice as profitable as seeing regular patients. Results have been fantastic, and there is little cost involved in this technique. It is much more comfortable, effective and has fewer side effects than treatments with the laser I used to use.