What is FAST TRACK Training(TM) from PracticalCME?


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Eligible Courses: BTX only, BTX/Filler,
Microneedling, Sclerotherapy, PRP with Microneedling

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You will receive an Email with your Online Course Login Credentials

Watch the Online Course and Pass the
Online Post-Test Prior to the LIVE
Hands-On Date
Keep Online Access for 2 Years plus Free Updates


AMA Category 1 Certification Credits for this Training Course


Attend the LIVE Hands-On Date for Live Course Review plus Hands-On Training on a Patient You Provide

The Cost of All Hands-On Injectibles and
Supplies are Included in the LIVE Tuition


FAST TRACK™ Training Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. This is a name given to this popular way of training. PracticalCME began using FAST TRACK(TM) Training for our Botox Course in 2012 and have adapted it for use in other Aesthetic Training Courses since then: Cosmetic Sclerotherapy of the Legs, Cosmetic Use of Platelet-Rich Plasma, and Microneedling.

This allows the student to work at his/her own pace for a period of time and master the material prior to the live hands-on date. Then it enables us to go deeper into the procedure at the live hands-on date while still devoting the live interaction mainly to supervised hands-on.

Our FAST TRACK(TM) Training awards two certificates.

The first certificate for the online portion of the course may be printed once you pass the post-test for the online portion of the course. This is mandatory prior to the live hands-on date. Please print or save this certificate as a .pdf for your records. Providers who finish the online portion early can use the online certificate to begin ordering supplies or adding the procedures to their malpractice policy in advance of live hands-on date.

The second certificate is awarded upon completion of the live hands-on date. This certificate will specify that “hands-on” training has been completed.

The total number of CME credits for both parts is quoted in our LIVE FAST TRACK course listings.

PracticalCME provides all medical supplies and pharmaceuticals for your treatments. This is included in your tuition.

For BTX/Filler: 20u Botox and 1cc Juvederm (one patient per attendee). Additional can be purchased.

For PRP (Office sites: Long Island NY, Orlando/Daytona Beach, FL, Charlotte, Portland, Houston, West Palm Beach, Washington DC): Microneedling pen and supplies plus PRP isolation from blood draw (one patient per two attendees)

For PRP (Hotel sites … all other locations): Microneedling pen and supplies (one case per two attendees)

For Microneedling:  At least 1/2 of a face treatment with FDA-cleared Microneedling pen and supplies.

For Sclerotherapy: STS agent for spider and reticular vein treatment

Students get the best experience when they treat someone known to them, and can track the results of the treatment over time.

Therefore, it is our policy to not provide patients who are not known to any attendee for our training programs. There have been a number of issues where “volunteer” training patients for other lower quality training programs are planted by trial attorneys who file frivolous suits on their out-of-state providers weeks later. We do not want to take those risks.

If you cannot provide a patient, please email your instructor. We will do our best to pair you up with another attendee or reschedule you to a later date. Some office-based trainings can provide a patient of the instructor’s own practice if enough notice (2+ weeks) is given.

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