Botox Courses and Dermal Fillers Hands-On Training Courses


Upcoming Botox Hands-On & Dermal Filler Training Courses

All Courses Eligible for Affirm Pay Over Time for as little as $106/month and 0.0% Interest

Small-Group LIVE Hands-On Training

  • Maximum 6 Providers per Live Hands-On Training Course
  • 20 units of real Botulinum Toxin and 1cc of Juvederm dermal filler provided for each attendee to practice on a patient of their choice.
  • One-on-one Hands-On Training in locations around the country.

FAST TRACK Online + Live Certification Training

  • Learn Online prior to the Live Training Class
  • Start watching online course material immediately
  • Downloadable consents and patient instruction forms
  • Live Course focuses on advanced learning and hands-on
  • Learn more about FAST TRACK blended training

10 AMA/AAFP CME Credits

  • Botox CME and Dermal Filler CME on the Same Date
  • Accredited Certification by AAFP and AMA Category 1
  • Credits accepted by AANP and AAPA
  • AAFP Elective credit is accepted by the American Medical Association as equivalent to AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ toward the AMA Physician’s Recognition Award.

Botox & Dermal Filler Course Outline

Introduction to Aging, and Wrinkles

  • Summary of facial changes with aging
  • Psychology and Social aspects of facial aging
  • Review of non-invasive facial procedures
  • Facial Skin anatomy
  • Facial Muscle anatomy and physiology


  • What is it Botulinum Toxin?
  • History of Use
  • FDA approved indications for use
  • Off-Label uses
  • Reconstitution and Dilution
  • Choosing the right syringe to use
  • Patient consent
  • Contraindications
  • Virtually Painless Injection Techniques and Dosage
    • Central Brow
    • Forehead
    • Crow’s Feet
    • Lower Lid wrinkles
    • Brow Lift
    • Bunny Lines
    • Upper Lip Wrinkles
    • Lip Augmentation
    • Gummy Smile
    • DAO – Lip Corners
    • Chin Wrinkles
    • Masseters– Face Slimming
  • Touching Up
  • Complications
  • Follow-Up
  • HANDS-ON INJECTION opportunity for qualified attendees
    • Bring an eligible patient known to you and they will receive 20u Botox and 1cc Juvederm XC performed by you under direct supervision of our MD faculty

Hyaluronic Acid Facial Dermal Fillers

  • Types of Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Fillers
    • Juvederm, Restylane, Belotero, Defyne, Refyne, Vollure, Volbella, Voluma
  • FDA approved Indications
  • Contraindications
  • Patient consent
  • Depth of Injection Protocols (Superficial vs. Mid vs. Deep Dermis)
  • Dental Blocks and Local Anesthetics
  • Virtually Painless Injection Techniques and Dosage Protocols
    • Nasolabial Folds
    • Marionette Lines
    • Lip Augmentation
    • Mouth corners
    • Smoker’s lines
    • Brow wrinkles at rest
  • Touching Up
  • Using Layered Treatments Successfully
  • Managing Complications
  • HANDS-ON INJECTION opportunity for qualified attendees
  • BONUS Introduction to PRP (BTX/Filler Course only)
  • BONUS Introduction to Smooth PDO Thread Volumization (BTX/Filler Course only)
  • BONUS Kybella Basic Training (BTX/Filler Course Online Content only)

Practice Building Tips and Tricks

  • Introducing a new service
  • Website SEO
  • Using Daily Deal sites to attract new patients
  • Pricing and Specials

Botox® and Kybella® are registered trademarks of Allergan, Inc.

aesthetic hands on botox training

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  • Eligibility for Hands-On Training…
  • Doctors (MD’s and DO’s)
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Physician Assistants
  • Registered Nurses
  • DDS or DMD

Botox Training with Dermal Filler Hands-On Certification

Since 2008, PracticalCME has been a leader in small-group, hands-on Botox Training. Moreover, our Botox Course is also combined with a complete Dermal Filler Training Curriculum as well. Therefore, you will learn the two most sought after injectable cosmetic treatments in one certification course.

As a result, over 98% of our attendees rate our Botox Training Course “excellent” and would recommend PracticalCME’s certification to a friend or colleague.

FAST TRACK™ Online plus Live Hands-On Blended Dual Certification

Since 2012, we have pioneered FAST TRACK™ Training. This gives every live course participant…

  • A full 5 hour streaming, interactive online presentation complete with narrated treatment videos.
  • Because the online learning begins from the moment you place your order, you can learn at your own pace.
  • Print your online CME certificate after passing the online post-test.
  • Then, attend the live hands-on for an additional 4.5 CME hour certificate.
  • Hands-on courses are limited to 6 providers for each 1 MD instructor.

One-on-On Small Group Botox Hands-On and Dermal Filler Hands-On Training.

PracticalCME spends a greater percentage of our live contact time doing hands-on instruction than any other Botox Course, anywhere.

Because our MD instructors average 10 years of experience, your semi-private hands-on experience is second to none. You get 20 units (or more) of Botox and 1cc of Juvederm Ultra to inject on your own hands-on patient at no additional charge. In addition, PracticalCME never charges you for gloves and syringes used in hands-on. We provide everything for a great hands-on experience.

10 AMA Category 1 level CME credits with Dual Certification

Because our courses are backed by the gold standard in CME certification, you can rest assured that you are receiving the best training with no sponsorship or bias whatsoever. Use your online certificate to set up your accounts to purchase toxin and filler, then use your hands-on certificate for your liability insurance. FAST TRACK™ gets you ready to begin treating patients immediately when you return to the office.

Botox Training for MD’s, DO’s, NP’s, PA’s, RN’s, and Dentists (select states)

PracticalCME has always maintained the most inclusive training for a wide variety of healthcare professionals. Since our courses are only taught by experienced MD’s, your certificates will always be valid for your professional certification. Other courses taught by RN’s cannot certify higher level providers like NP’s, PA’s and MD’s.

Why Choose PracticalCME for your Botox Certification and Dermal Filler Training?

  • Experienced: First, we have been in business since 2008 and have only MD instructors with at least 10 years’ experience.
  • Dependable: Also, PracticalCME has never cancelled a class.
  • Comprehensive: Spend as much time as you need on the online materials. Receive free updates and re-review as often as needed for 2 full years after purchase.
  • Prepared: Because everyone learns the online material in advance, you already know the basics when you attend the live date.
  • Personalized: Since no hands-on class has more than 6 participants, you will get the most personalized, one-on-one instruction.
  • Helpful: Customizable consents and patient instruction forms can be downloaded from the online course for use in your own practice.
Non-US Licensed Providers Chat with us using the chat box below or email us No training course alters the legal scope of practice as defined by the medical/nursing boards in your home state/country. Please review all state/country requirements for supervision for these procedures prior to adding them to your practice.

Course General Information & Purpose

How the Best Doctors, Nurses, and Mid-Levels Learn Toxin and Dermal Filler Injections
Nobody learns how to treat patients with Botox and Dermal Fillers in their basic medical or nursing education. These cosmetic injection procedures do not belong to any one specialty or group of providers. For over a decade, PracticalCME has provided inclusive hands-on training courses for all eligible practitioners. It is our goal to provide you safe, evidence-based certification training before, during, and after the live hands-on training date. And our physician faculty members will continue to support you while you transition from student to provider in these services.

And the patient of your choice will receive over $800 of free treatment (20 units Botox(R) and Up to 1cc of Juvederm XC). What a great gift for a friend, family, or staff member! With our unique FAST TRACK™ Botox classes you are ready to practice your new procedure in 3 easy steps…

  1. Watch the narrated online content at your own pace.
  2. Attend the live review of the protocols, Q&A, and hands-on training
  3. Begin practicing and re-review the online content when necessary

Over 98% of our attendees rate our training for Botox “excellent” and would recommend PracticalCME’s certification to a friend or colleague.

Register for your FAST TRACK BTX/Filler CME Hands-On Training Now…

Botox and Dermal Filler with Hands-On Classes Limited to 6 Participants

Cosmetic Sclerotherapy of the Legs with Hands-On Classes Limited to 6 Participants
Platelet-Rich Plasma Facelift and Facial Live and Online Training
PDO Thread Lift Online + Live Hands-On Training. Learn Smooth and Barbed Threads. Up to 15 CME Credits


  • Dr.Caiati was an excellent instructor for this course. He answered all questions enthusiastically & with the knowledge of years of experience as an aesthetics physician. His enthusiasm in the subject matter was evident and made for a comfortable learning environment. I appreciated how small the group was as well. We were able to ask questions and have a more interactive learning environment.

    Read More
    Lauren Summer BanoBotox and Filler Training September 2023
  • Dr. Caiati hosted a fantastic Botox/Filler/PRP/Microneedling course. He is very well versed in all things cosmetics and was very informative. I feel confident going out and performing these services after the training offered by PracticalCME between the didactic and clinical sessions. Highly recommended!

    Read More
    Marty Levy PA-C
  • I took the PacticalCME INJECTION TRIPLE Botox and Dermal Fillers with Cosmetic PRP Training with Dr. Robert Caiati and it was so great! Dr. Caiati is clearly a master of his art. He is not only extremely knowledgeable and clear and concise in his pedagogical method but he is also charming and very personable as well, I can easily see why his patients are so fond of him! Dr. Caiati really helped integrate the online module training into hands on practice, he was supportive and informative and I really could not have asked for more. I can only highly recommend this training for all aspiring aesthetic injectors.

    Read More
  • Awesome class! Great staff and very friendly.

    Read More
    Sandra Muller-WhiteNew York Botox & Fillers February 2023
  • I took the Botox training with Dr. Caiati and it was amazing! He was patient and very knowledgeable. Dr Caiati shows you techniques that will give you confidence to do inject Botox correctly. I really enjoyed the small class atmosphere. You get one on one experience. As a Nurse Practitioner, I highly recommend this course.

    Read More
    JacquelineNew York Botox & Fillers February 2023
  • Dr. Caiati was amazing with the hands on portion of the certification. He reviewed the slides and guided us to perform skills with safe practice! 100% recommend this course

    Read More
    ChristinaNew York Botox & Fillers February 2023
  • Great class! The staff was lovely and the instructor made sure everything was practiced properly and understood.

    Read More
  • Great introductory course to Botox and fillers. Lectures are very informative by Dr Zengo. Dr Caiati is a master of his skill. He taught us tricks and tips on injections. He put my nerves of occlusion at ease. Class sizes are small and you get the attention you need. Very excited to start my new journey.

    Read More
    KimberlyNurse Bella. New York BTX/Filler Training June 2022
  • Such great learning with the online portion for Botox and the hands on training with Dr. Caiati at Shore Medical. He was so patient and taught us great tips. Will be going back for Filler training!

    Read More
  • Online didactic material was comprehensive and thoroughly addressed all aspects of treatment. Dr. Huyen provided exceptional hands on training in a professional and supportive setting. I highly recommend this course and live training.

    Read More
    Molly SimpsonOrlando April 2022
  • I really learned a lot in a matter of 6 hours. It was truly hands on and the small group size was perfect for that. Dr. Huyen was very knowledgeable and personable. I was a novice when I arrived and left feeling comfortable doing all three procedures. I highly recommend the course.

    Read More
    Mihaela CarterOrlando BTX/Filler/PRP April 2022
  • Dr Huyen is a very knowledgeable Instructor. Her teaching the hand on was great very helpful with tips and technique. The class size was small which allowed time for questions and discussion. The online and hands training is great.

    Read More
    Beth Crater Florida March 2022
  • Excellent course

    Read More
    Nidal Radwan
  • Dr.Huyen was very knowledgeable and provided an excellent training environment. Her Knowledge and techniques were exceptional.

    Read More
    Amy Defranco Orlando/Daytona Beach Feb. 2022
  • Wonderful course worth every penny

    Read More
    Marissa Gonzalez, MDOrlando BTX/Filler November 2020
  • This course and the hands on instruction will truly be a game changer for my new practice.

    Read More
    Tammy CarterHands-On Course 2021
  • Dr. Zengo is amazing and well prepared.

    The class is very informative in a very small group. Definitely hands on was extensive, and I had a great experience.

    Read More
    Lydia RosarioNew York July 2021
  • Great experience! Highly recommended.

    Read More
    KarlaNovember 2020 PRP BTX/Filler
  • Great class ,recommend 100%

    Read More
    MaritereOrlando BTX/Filler June 2021
  • Wonderful class excellent teacher!

    Read More
    Angela ricciOrlando BTX/Filler June 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

OnabotulinumtoxinA, also known as Botox, is made from the bacteria that causes botulism. Botulinum toxin blocks nerve activity in the muscles.
In order to give Botos injections, you need to at least be a nurse practitioner (NP). In order to work as a nurse practitioner, a minimum of a masters degree is required.
Yes. Medical Estheticians are able to do fillers since their role is to assist in improving physical appearance through many “near-medical” services.
In order to do injectables, you will need to at minimum be a nurse practitioner.

PracticalCME is committed to offering first-class and comprehensive botox training and certification. Therefore, we never cancel a class and have only MD instructors with at least 10 years of experience.

Since we take a blended approach, you can review our online material in advance to learn the theory before putting your knowledge into practice during a supervised hands-on session. Additionally, the online content remains active for up to two years after you purchase our course, so you can review it as often as you need.

Our hands-on sessions are semi-private. We limit the number of participants to six, providing more personalized, one-on-one instruction for better results. Offices that want private training for 3 or more providers can contact us for a custom on-site training session at your office.

Yes, we do! We combine botox certification and dermal filler training, helping medical and dental professionals learn about the two most sought-after injectable techniques to improve physical appearance in only one course.

Yes, you’re right! In fact, you can receive two certificates. After completing our online botox training course and passing the post-test, you will get a printable 5.5 hour CME certificate.

Also, if you attend our hands-on training session, you can also earn an additional 4.5 CME hour hands-on certificate.

Yes, we do.. At PracticalCME, we offer 20 Botox units and 1cc of Juvederm Ultra that you can use during your hands-on practices with live patients. Your patient receive this $800-worth treatment administered by you under direct supervision of our MD instructor.

We want to offer high-quality and effective online botox training certification. Therefore, we made our classes unique.

If you take our one-of-a-kind course, you won’t have to review standard, boring videos of someone lecturing. Instead, there’s interactive content with live links available to make your learning journey more enjoyable.

Over 98% of the people who have taken our botox courses rate our content as “excellent” and recommend our certification to their colleagues, friends, and family.

Yes, we do! Our botox training and certification course is ideal for nurse practitioners, physician assistants, doctors, and registered nurses who want to add these services to their practices.

Also, you don’t need a job first. You can take our course and add a botox training certificate to your resume, which would make you more competitive if you’re looking for a new position.

Yes, you can! As mentioned, our botox course integrates a dermal filler curriculum. Therefore, you can also learn about the different types of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, such as Juvederm, Belotero, Restylane, Volbella, Refyne, Defyne, and more!

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