Aesthetic Training Course Reviews

Botox Training Course Reviews

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In short, every Aesthetic Training course needs these elements…

  • CME Accreditation ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐(this is the deal-breaker)
  • Faculty and Location Listed
    • Are they Licensed Where they are Teaching?
    • Are they experienced and successful in their own practices?
  • Amount of Hands-on Product clearly stated
  • Class Size Clearly stated
    • Smaller is always better
    • 4-6 is ideal since you want personalized attention but also want to watch and learn from other attendees.
  • Outline of What is Covered Should be Clearly Displayed
  • No need to come back for Advanced or “Level 2” training
  • Instructors who share your degree or outrank you …
    • For example, and NP should not be trained by a nurse.  An MD should not be trained by an NP
    • Dentists should only be trained by other Dentists or MD’s
  • No fake boards or memberships that cost unnecessary $$
  • Online Training to Review in Advance of Live Training Date
    • This should not cost extra
    • Should be CME-accredited
  • Avoid Legal Risks
    • Faculty must be licensed where the training is.
    • Instructors should be able to practice autonomously in the state they are teaching.
    • Patients used should NEVER pay to be a model.  This is a huge legal risk to you.
Botox Training Course Reviews
Chart reprinted from with permission. Click to see the full step by step guide to Aesthetic Training
How Do I Train in Botox?

First, you need LICENSURE.  That is an active license as a RN, NP, PA, MD, DO, DDS (some states), or ND (4 states).

Then you need to complete the steps to research and choose the best course.

By far, it is best to train in Botox and Fillers first because this is the entry point for most consumers for other services.  See the reviews of the best services.