If you’re an MD, a DO, an NP, a PA, or an RN in a private practice who wants to learn new aesthetic and wellness procedures, you can expand your skill set with courses from PracticalCME Medical Training. One of the best places to start is with Botox because it’s one of the most well-known treatments available today. The scope of practice rules varies between states and countries for those who can practice with or without physician supervision.

Botox Online Training and Certification

Before administering Botox to patients, you must have comprehensive Botox certification. That’s where we can help. At PracticalCME, we offer both live and online medical training. There is a maximum of six providers per each Live Hands-On Training Course, so we can provide everyone with the attention they need during the course.

Our Botox and dermal filler courses for nurses are designed so that you can feel confident in integrating any of the services into your practice. Our most popular and bestselling courses are:

Botox Online Training and CertificationFAST TRACK(TM) Training and Advantages of Blended CME Learning 

This is a very popular method of training, and we started using it in our Botox and dermal filler courses for nurses in 2012. Two certificates are awarded for completion of our FAST TRACK(TM) Training courses.

The first is awarded for the online portion of the course. The online portion will allow you to work at your own pace while mastering the course material prior to your live hands-on date. 

The second will be awarded when you’ve completed the live hands-on date and will specify that the “hands-on” training was completed.

This blended learning approach provides ultimate flexibility when presenting content. With our online component, you’ll also have increased flexibility and convenience. Continuing Medical Education (CME) has become crucial to health care providers’ prosperity. It allows practitioners to discover and learn viable methods for improving patient care while effectively managing a career in the medical field with its ever-changing landscape.

Course Learning and Botox Certification

Unfortunately, even professionals don’t learn about treating their patients with Botox during their basic medical education. These cosmetic injection procedures don’t even belong to any singular specialty provider group. However, for more than 10 years now, we’ve been providing all-inclusive, hands-on training courses for eligible practitioners. It’s our primary goal to continuously provide evidence-based and safe certification training. Also, our physician faculty members provide continued support while you’re transitioning from being a student to being a confident provider of Botox services with 10 AMA/AAFP CME Credits.

Why Learn PDO Threads as Part of Your Botox Classes?

We are offering the first 14 CME Credit Blended Online and Live PDO Thread Lift Training Courses in the world. Benefits of this include:

Not All Fillers/Botox Courses Are Created Equal

Getting RN Botox certification requires going through a proper training course like what we are offering. This is a course designed specifically for helping you further understand exactly what Botox is, how to go about administering it, and also how you should be treating any patient who might be dealing with any potential side effects. 

A good course will show you how to be successful at evaluating your patients. Some may have unrealistic expectations regarding what Botox can do for them, so it’s extremely important that you can manage patients’ expectations. There is also some special preparation involved in Botox treatments, and our course will teach you about that as well. This includes proper planning to determine exactly where the Botox is going to be injected, how to identify those spots, and how to mark them. Last but not least, our Botox certification course offers in-depth, hands-on training to ensure that you’re completely comfortable using the equipment in a real procedure. 

What also makes our Botox classes unique is our small-group learning that is a blend of online and live learning. Our faculty members are all board-certified MDs as well. We were also the very first to offer CME in Cosmetic PRP back in 2014 as well as the first to offer online CME in PDO Threads in 2019. More than 98% of our course attendees have rated our Botox training as excellent and stated that they would recommend PracticalCME’s Botox certification to a colleague or a friend.

Our certification training courses that are eligible for CME credit have been accredited by the American Academy of Family Practice (AAFP) CME Certification Program. In case you’re not familiar with it, this particular credit is the equivalent of an AMA Category 1 CME credit for physicians of every specialty. In Canada, this credit is also accepted by the Royal College of Physicians.

About Botox Courses for Nurses 

At PracticalCME, we are proud to provide the most comprehensive certification classes in Botox, thereby allowing nurses and other health care professionals to start immediately incorporating these aesthetic procedures into their new or existing practices. Our licensed instructors are experts at covering all of the best business practices for assisting course participants to expand into the aesthetic medical field while also fulfilling CME requirements. Our Botulinum Toxin courses also combine online learning with live hands-on training for optimum results so that you can start adding these valuable services to your practice like so many other graduates of our Botox training. You can complete both your Botox CME and Dermal Filler CME live training on the same date.

Botox Courses for NursesThree Easy Botox Training Steps

Your patient of choice for your training will be receiving more than $800 worth of free treatments, which includes 20 units of Botox(R) and as much as 1cc of Juvederm XC. This could be the perfect gift for a family member or friend. Also, via our FAST TRACK(TM) Botox classes, you’ll be ready to practice your newly learned procedure in just three easy steps from watching the narrated online course content at your own pace to attending the live protocols review, Q&A sessions, and your hands-on training. After that, you can start practicing and re-review the course content online when necessary.

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