Where to Get Botox & Dermal Filler Courses

Introduction of Filler of Hyaluronic Acid On Woman in Spa Center

The use of Botox and fillers is so widespread you may feel like it is too late to hop on board this money maker. Nothing could be further from the truth. As people become comfortable with Botox and fillers, they will use them more frequently, recommend them to their friends, and use injectables for treatment […]

What Will You Learn at Practical CME Botox Courses?

What Will You Learn at Practical CME Botox Courses

If you’re an MD, a DO, an NP, a PA, or an RN in a private practice who wants to learn new aesthetic and wellness procedures, you can expand your skill set with courses from PracticalCME Medical Training. One of the best places to start is with Botox because it’s one of the most well-known […]