Washington D.C. Area Botox Training with Dermal Filler Certification, Microneedling, and PRP Facelift/Facial Hands-On Training

All Courses Eligible for Affirm Pay Over Time for as little as $80/month and 0.0% Interest

🗓️Saturday January 20, 2024 

Seats Available

🗓️Saturday April 20, 2024

Seats Available

🗺️ PracticalCME Training Center, Great Falls, VA

⌚8 am-10am Botox

⌚8 am-Noon Botox & Filler

⌚1pm-2:30pm Microneedling

⌚1pm-6pm PRP & Microneedling

group of 4

Maximum 4 Attendees


Up To 20.25
AMA Cat 1 Equivalent
CME Credits


Online + Live
Dual Certification

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Washington DC Virginia Botox Hands-On Courses for Nurses, Physicians and Nurse Practitioners are taught by PracticalCME throughout the year. PracticalCME’s FAST TRACK ™ Online plus Live Blended learning allows participants to learn the material at home at your own pace prior to the live hands-on training date. Therefore, you will be fully confident in your knowledge, and earn your first of two AMA Category 1 level CME certificates before you even attend the live Washington DC/Virginia class date. Then, at the live date you will experience…

Our blended dual-certification online + live training leads the industry. As a result, PracticalCME has earned an average of 4.8 stars in reviews from actual attendees since our first blended FAST TRACK Botox Training Course was held in 2014. In addition, we have paired up our Botox and Dermal Filler Training with Cosmetic Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) so that you can certify in both at the same live training date, because we know your time is valuable.

Why are PracticalCME Trainees More Successful?

Our Botox Training Course focuses on customizing the treatment plan to the patient’s own movement, and never follows a “cookbook” approach. For example, we teach a different dilution and precise muscle identification techniques so you can truly isolate the true cause of the patient’s wrinkles and effectively stop the clock on their aging process even on your first few patients, without having to see the patient back for touch-up treatments. The online course material drills these techniques home with additional treatment videos demonstrating the best technique prior to your live hands-on training class.

Our Dermal Filler Training Course curriculum focuses on using less product but at the proper depth to achieve the most natural filling of static folds and wrinkles of the face, in addition to the most natural lip reinflation techniques. Moreover, you will be impressed with the results when simply using the right technique and depth at your supervised hands-on treatment session. Their folds and wrinkles will disappear before your eyes while your patient remains comfortable.

As a result, PracticalCME has heard from many RN’s who took our training and taught their supervising physicians a few things upon return to the office.

Add Cosmetic PRP Hands-On Training on the same live date.

Our additional training in Cosmetic PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) debuted in 2014 and was the first CME approved certification course ever. Because over 60 live links to the primary literature, treatment videos and customizable consent forms, support the online FAST TRACK curriculum, the course will prepare you to offer this exciting new procedure to your patients. Then, at the live hands-on, clinical office-setting, training date for PRP, you will dive deeper into indications and patient selection for the procedure and perform a variable-depth microneedling treatment (PRP Facial) and PRP Facelift on your patient with one-on-one, MD supervision.

Space is limited, So Register Today and Begin Learning Tonight

Each live date is limited to 4 participants before it is marked SOLD OUT. In fact, PracticalCME has only around 100 live training seats in Botox and Dermal Filler Training annually. Our award-winning, all-MD faculty take time away from their own successful practices to teach only a few times a year. This is why so many people travel to experience our small-group, in-depth blended online + live certification. Therefore, if the next Charlotte live training is sold out, scroll down and register now for the next open date. Then, you will receive your online content and can still begin learning and earning your first certification tonight.

Washington, DC (Great Falls, VA) CME
PracticalCME Training Center
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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, you can! If you take our comprehensive Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP), dermal filler, and botox training in Washington D.C., you’ll be able to earn up to 20.25 CME credits!

    Our PRP, botox, and dermal filler training course have been reviewed by the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) and the American Medical Association (AMA). It’s accepted for up to 20.25 elective credits equivalent to the AMA PRA Category 1.

    No, you don’t! If you attend our hands-on training session, you’ll receive 20 units of real Botulinum toxin (Botox) and 1cc of Juvederm.

    PracticalCME provides these products to course participants at no additional cost, enabling them to practice in a real-world setting with their selected patients.

    You’ll likely find many options if you’re looking for botox training courses in Washington D.C. However, only a few training programs are like ours.

    PracticalCME has become a leader when it comes to continuing medical education (CME). We have been rated 4.8 stars by attendees who have benefited from our blended FAST TRACK botox and filler training in Washington D.C.

    This innovative, blended approach has allowed us to provide a high-quality learning experience to the professionals who trust us. With our botox and dermal filler training program, participants can review the content at home at their own pace.

    After reviewing all the training materials online, learners can refresh and test that knowledge in our hands-on session. Attendees may even administer Botulinum toxin injections to their own patients. We provide these products at no cost!

    As a result, participants can add this cosmetic procedure to their practices as soon as they complete the course.

    Finally, we’re fully committed to participants’ success. Therefore, we offer training in two additional cosmetic procedures as part of our botox course.

    PracticalCME offers botox, dermal filler, and Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP) training to medical and dental professionals who want to add aesthetic treatments to their practices.

    Yes, we do! Nurse practitioners and registered nurses are eligible for our botox and dermal filler injection training. If you have questions about our eligibility criteria, don’t hesitate to contact us!

    Our comprehensive botox training, which also includes dermal filler and PRP courses, is open to different medical and dental professionals, such as the following:

    • Doctors of Medicine
    • Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine
    • Doctors of Dental Surgery
    • Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry
    • Physician assistants

    All of our training courses on aesthetics are taught by seasoned, all-MD professionals. Our instructors have over 10 years of experience in the field.

    Although they’re often busy, our experienced instructors join our team a few times throughout the year to offer up-to-date, top-class aesthetic medicine training courses to other healthcare professionals who want to jumpstart their careers.

    At PracticalCME, we limit our hands-on sessions to only six participants, as we want each attendee to maximize their knowledge and enjoy a one-on-one experience with the instructor.

    Our semi-private hands-on classes allow participants to use the techniques and products they learned about after reviewing our online course but in a real-world setting. In addition, since there are only six students, the instructor has enough time to work with each one, supervising their practices and offering guidance to clarify their doubts.

    No, you shouldn’t! PracticalCME will never charge participants for the gloves and syringes they use during their hands-on practice. As mentioned, we provide everything you need for a seamless, high-quality experience, including botox units and dermal fillers.

    Yes, you will! After completing this PRP, dermal filler, and botox course, you’ll get two certificates. However, you need to pass the post-test after reviewing the online content to earn the first one.

    After that, you should attend our hands-on class to earn an additional certificate. Remember that this course provides training in three cosmetic procedures. Therefore, you can earn up to 20.25 CME credits.

    Our PRP, dermal filler, and botox course covers different topics with a cosmetic/medical training approach that will help participants achieve excellent aesthetic results while taking care of patients’ health and safety.

    As mentioned, our course focuses on three popular aesthetic procedures – Botulinum toxin (botox), Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP), and dermal fillers. Therefore, it starts with comprehensive, up-to-date content on these products.

    With our course, you’ll also be able to learn more about facial anatomy, FDA-approved indications for the use of these substances, hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, advanced injection techniques, and how to manage potential complications.

    However, that’s not all. PracticalCME wants to help medical professionals elevate their careers to succeed. That’s why our course also includes valuable information on how to introduce a new service in your healthcare business, improve your website SEO, and attract new patients.

    Non-US healthcare providers may be eligible for our botox and dermal filler course if they’re licensed. However, we highly recommend contacting us to evaluate your case and determine your eligibility.

    It’s essential to know that our courses cannot alter the legal scope of practice defined by your country’s or state’s regulatory boards. If you want to be sure you can add these aesthetic procedures to your practice, check national or local regulations relating to botox, dermal filler, and PRP injection protocols.