~3 SEATS LEFT~ LIVE (SAVE $600) INJECTION TRIPLE Cosmetic PRP, Botox and Dermal Fillers Training Saturday October 7, 2023 8am, Washington, DC (Great Falls, VA) (20.25 credits)





This is a clinical office setting and PRP will be spun and demonstrated.  Attendees are asked to supply a patient or serve as a patient for another attendee, if desired.

Up to 20.25 Live CME Credit Hours with Hands-On Opportunity.

This is a FAST TRACK(TM) Course.  Course login and password will be delivered to you via email shortly after the order is completed.  The online component must be watched in its entirety and passed prior to the live course date.

Syllabus book and all patient handouts may be downloaded and printed directly from the course module.


All online course access includes free updates and will expire 2 years after purchase.  Renew your online course for an additional 2 years and another CME certificate here

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Our botulinum toxin and dermal filler course combines video learning and hands-on training to help all participants achieve the best results. It’s approved for up to 10 CME credit hours to complete both certifications.

As part of our course objectives, attendees will learn how to use botox, Dysport, and Xeomin, Juvederm, and Restylane to treat upper and lower face wrinkles safely and improve physical appearance with effective techniques.

Each person who takes our Botox and dermal filler training course in Cincinnati will receive the following:

  • 5.5-hour streaming, interactive online course with narrated treated videos
  • One-of-a-kind training designed to suit your needs (you can learn at your own pace)
  • Printable CME certificate after passing the online post-test
  • Live hands-on sessions limited to six participants or fewer.
  • Additional 4.5 CME hour live hands-on certificate

No, you don’t! RNs, PAs, and nurse practitioners can take our courses and add their certificates to their resumes before looking for a job.

If you take a training course and put it on your resume before the job change, you will be more competitive. In addition, you will be able to review the content even after the course ends.

Yes! Our botox and dermal filler training courses are ideal for medical and dental professionals, doctors (MDs and DOs), registered nurses, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and DDS or DMD.

For the past 15 years, PracticalCME has worked hard to become a leader in small-group, hands-on botox training in Cincinnati and across the United States. If you choose us, you’ll enjoy different benefits. First, unlike other botox training providers, our courses are taught by certified MDs.

We are committed to offering comprehensive training. Therefore, we combine our botox course with a complete dermal filler training curriculum. As a result, you’ll be able to learn the two most popular and effective injectable cosmetic treatments at the same time.

Our courses’ content is evidence-based and we provide extensive support to all participants before, during, and after training. In addition, you will be able to review the material for two years after ordering.

If you need to review what you learned about botox and dermal filler injections in our course during this period, there are no additional charges.

Participants can take the combined botox and filler training course or only take the botox certification to add this service to their practice.

Shortly after placing an order and receiving the confirmation email, you will get a second email with your login credentials. It will also include information about your instructor and the hands-on location.

Participants can start reviewing the material from our botox and dermal filler course at their own pace. After completing it, you must pass the post-test. At this point, you can print the first two certificates and four-nine CME credits.

We encourage participants to review the online content in advance. Therefore, you will learn the basics of botox and dermal filler injections before attending the live date.

As there are limited course seats, during the hands-on training, you will receive a more detailed review of the botox and dermal filler injections techniques from our professional and seasoned instructors.

Plus, with our extended supervised hands-on training, you’ll be able to put the theory you reviewed into practice and test your knowledge. After completing this phase, you will receive a hands-on botox and dermal filler certification for four-six additional CME credits.

Yes, it is! The content of our online course is well-researched and evidence-based. In addition, we do not only offer online courses. At PracticalCME, we adopt a blended approach. Therefore, our in-person session provides a hands-on experience, allowing participants to apply their knowledge in a real-world setting supervised by CME-accredited instructors.

Attendees will learn the proven injection techniques from seasoned professionals during our hands-on training, which also involves live patients. Additionally, our courses accommodate only six participants per hands-on session. This intimate training environment will allow you to tone your skills to build a successful professional career.

Finally, in addition to our dual certification, we offer post-training support. You will be able to refresh your knowledge of both cosmetic procedures for two extra years.

Besides being taught by highly experienced professionals, our online courses have interactive content with live links that will make your learning journey more effective.

Instead of a video of someone lecturing, you will receive first-class, professional-level online training with no sponsorship or bias to start treating patients immediately.

If you take our course, you will get 20 units of Botox, as well as 1cc of Juvederm Ultra at no additional charge. You can use these products during the hands-on session.

Also, we don’t charge you for gloves and syringes. PracticalCME provides everything you need to enjoy a high-quality and enriching hands-on experience.

Yes, you can! We offer our FAST TRACK botox and filler CME hands-on training course at the following locations:

  • Atlanta, GA
  • Orlando, FL
  • Seattle, WA
  • New York, NY
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Charlotte, NC
  • Los Angeles, CA