What Certifications Do You Need for Botox Injection

In order to legally inject Botox or Fillers or any other pharmaceutical treatment you need to satisfy two requirements… Licensure:  You must have an active license in your state or country as a Registered Nurse, Nurse practitioner, Physician Assistant, Physician, or in some states, Dentistry or Naturopathic MD.   Those who do not have this licensure […]

Free Botox Training Course Resources

PracticalCME offers Botox Training, Dermal Filler Certification and other aesthetic training courses taught only by MD's in small group settings.

Want to learn what it’s like to get Botox Training in the unique FAST TRACK(TM) blended online and live Botox Training environment.  Check out our You Tube channel which has video clips and detailed information of our courses. ➡️Launch the PracticalCME YouTube Channel. The best training is the one that you can use to build […]

Florida Nursing Board Allows RN to Inject Botox


The Florida Nursing Board has recently ruled that an RN applicant who has CME-accredited training, observational training and an MD supervisor may inject Botox under the delegation of her supervising physician.  This ruling finally clarifies what was thought to be one of the strictest state positions on RN’s injecting Botox nationwide.  Practical CME accepts RN’s […]

New PDO Thread Online and Live Video

Check out our newest PDO Thread Training video and learn what sets PracticalCME’s training apart from others.  We published the first and only CME-approved PDO Thread online training with live narrated case videos in 2019 and continue to revise it to stay current in this rapidly-changing field.  You can not be better prepared for any […]

New Botox Training Hands-On Class Video

Watch our brand new Botox Training Course with Dermal Filler Certification Video.  Learn more about what makes PracticalCME different from other training classes.  Learn who can take our small-group hands-on courses and how you can feel confident in your FAST TRACK blended online + live CME hands-on training.

Coronavirus Live Course Precautions

PracticalCME maintains a robust safety culture for small group hands-on training. Our full policy is listed here.  Masks are required with no exceptions.  6 feet distancing will be maintained during all lectures.  Patients will only be admitted to the room during their treatment.

PracticalCME BTX/Filler Course Now 10 CME Credits

The BTX/Filler FAST TRACK(TM) online/live course has just been awarded a record-high 10 CME credit hours, effective October 25, 2019.  This reflects our continued commitment to revising and expanding our online and live content continuously so your courses are always up to date.