Since the first dermatologists isolated platelet rich plasma from people’s blood, they’ve developed many uses for this enriching substance. When it comes to cosmetic applications, platelet rich plasma can promote skin elasticity, lessen wrinkles and skin folds, reduce the appearance of scars, and improve complexion and texture.

These cosmetic uses of platelet rich plasma, or PRP, are quickly gaining an influential role in the aesthetic and wellness industry. PRP online training courses are an easy way for health care providers to unlock the full potential of these services for their clients. You can harness the power of PRP, too, after receiving an online certification through Zengo Practical CME.

It is never too late to decide that PRP training online might be a good fit. Learn more about the many cosmetic benefits of platelet rich plasma before deciding if learning how to conduct PRP injections will add value to your skill set.

What Are Platelets?

Platelets are vital components in our blood that help stop wounds from bleeding. The growth factors, or proteins, in these platelets are the key parts that make blood clotting possible. Without growth factors, wounds would not mend easily.

Every human’s body produces large quantities of platelets, as well as plasma, in their blood. After people realized that harvesting these elements for facial procedures was feasible, there have been few limits to their application in the cosmetic industry.

What Is Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP?

As mentioned previously, platelets have growth factors that promote healing and growth. We have learned to harness the power of these growth factors for important cosmetic uses. The process is fairly simple.

Using platelet rich plasma for face treatments involves taking those growth factors out of a person’s body. The process starts by drawing a small portion of a person’s blood and placing it in a centrifuge to separate the beneficial components. The plasma, along with plenty of growth factors, gets isolated for use.

How Is PRP Used?

After the platelet rich plasma gets collected, the procedure moves forward quickly. A medical professional spends anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes injecting the PRP into specific areas on the face. These injections promote targeted healing and repairs due to the growth factors.

PRP injections into the face stimulate the production of collagen. A cascade of benefits is possible when doctors and nurses can increase collagen production in targeted areas of the face. Areas commonly targeted include the corners of the eyes, the forehead, nose, area under the eyes, and cheeks.

Altogether, these kinds of procedures can happen in about one hour. A certified professional takes care of each part from drawing blood to injecting the PRP mixture. Sometimes, the platelet rich plasma gets combined with hyaluronic acid, too. This increases the potential benefits of the injections.

Major Cosmetic Uses of Platelet Rich Plasma for Face

People seek out the platelet rich plasma for face use for various cosmetic reasons. PRP injections can create significant changes with only one procedure. Not only can these injections increase the thickness and elasticity of the skin, but they also can reduce prominent wrinkles.

There are four main uses to highlight when it comes to platelet rich plasma, or PRP. There are other related cosmetic applications, but these have a lot of evidence for their efficacy.

  1. Promote skin elasticity
  2. Lessen wrinkles and skin folds
  3. Reduce the appearance of scars
  4. Improve complexion and texture

1. Promote Skin Elasticity

The elastin produced with PRP treatments can visibly thicken and tighten the skin. Not only does this flatten wrinkles, but it also returns skin to a more youthful appearance. The more elastic the skin is, the easier it is to bounce back from stress.

More collagen is also integral to a fuller, healthier face. As people age, less collagen gets produced naturally, but PRP treatments can revitalize production.

Young Woman Without Makeup Touching Cheeks

2. Lessen Wrinkles and Skin Folds

Evidence suggests that platelet rich plasma increases the number of blood vessels wherever it’s injected into the face. More blood vessels promote skin cell growth, which can ultimately smooth wrinkles.

The plumping effect of PRP treatments is also a factor in reducing wrinkles and skin folds. One study involving Egyptian physicians led to the conclusion that one procedure is powerful enough to correct wrinkles.

3. Reduce the Appearance of Scars

PRP injections can noticeably reduce acne scars, stretch marks, and other spots that mar the surface of the skin. Skin tissue may repair itself or even regenerate with platelet rich plasma. The healing properties of the growth factors present in PRP are the key to lessening the look of scars.

4. Improve Complexion and Texture

People who are dealing with difficulties from acne or rosacea can find relief with platelet rich plasma. The boost of collagen from PRP injections can even out skin complexion, smooth skin texture, and even reduce yellowing skin.

In the days after a procedure, people will notice a glow in their complexion and a difference in the texture of their skin. PRP jump-starts rejuvenation in the skin cells that make skin brighter and softer.

Why Should You Consider Learning the Cosmetic Uses of PRP?

With a certification in cosmetic PRP treatments, health care providers can offer these specific benefits to their clients. You can provide more targeted services that people are looking to receive. Platelet rich plasma is quickly turning into a trending procedure that more health care providers are looking to offer their clients.

Our online courses share vital information about the protocols, including how to properly combine PRP with hyaluronic acid. You will be able to conduct the procedure safely and with full confidence.

Cosmetologist Does PRP Therapy on the Face of a Beautiful Woman in a Beauty Salon

Who Is This Training Suitable For?

Any doctor, registered nurse, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant interested in expanding their knowledge of facial procedures should consider taking PRP online training courses. In traditional training regimens, these courses are not usually what’s offered. That is why we know they are vital to your continued education.

What Is Part of Our PRP Online Training Courses?

Zengo Practical CME combines live training videos with online video courses to create an engaging learning process for students. Your PRP training online involves careful study of dozens of literature sources. We cover all of the proper protocols for administering this procedure in our PRP online training courses.

All our students will hear more about the evidence behind the cosmetic benefits of PRP treatments, too. For example, in parts of the course, you will read literature related to the advantages of PRP discovered through research and studies.

If learning about the various cosmetic uses of PRP has you excited about the direction of aesthetic and wellness services, you should consider taking an online training course. Check out our list of classes at Zengo Practical CME as soon as possible. You can quickly sign up and get ready to earn your certification in PRP in as little as a day.