Chicago Injection Training Hands-On Courses

Why Chicago Botox and Filler Certification Training from PracticalCME?

PracticalCME offers Botox Training, Dermal Filler Certification and other aesthetic training courses taught only by MD's in small group settings. PracticalCME is proud to return to Chicago in 2024!
Since 2012, PracticalCME is the PREMIUM, Hands-On Class for Botox Injector Training in the Chicago Area, and the ONLY Botox and Filler Injection Training Provider that gives you …

  • MD Faculty. Your faculty in Chicago is Gregory Zengo, MD who has injected over 1.3 million units of Botox and has done Dermal Filler Injections for 20 years. Does that “other” training tell you who will teach your class?  They don’t because they don’t want you googling their faculty and find out how inexperienced they are, or if they are even licensed where they are teaching?
  • Small Groups. Our Live hands-on typically has 4 per class with a maximum of 6.  Therefore, you get one-on-one supervision from our Physician faculty.
  • Fully CME-Accredited Certification backed by AAFP, AMA Cat.1, ANCC, AANP, AAPA. That’s the gold standard for MD’s, RN’s, NP’s and PA’s.  Most other trainings are not accredited. If a training provider does not specifically mention those organizations, then all you get is a worthless piece of paper.
  • Add on Microneedling and PRP Certification on the same day. Nobody else gives you this flexibility.
  • Location Transparency. You know your faculty and the street address of the class BEFORE you register.  Other providers just tell you a date and a city.  Plus, only PracticalCME has never cancelled a live training class in 16 years.  Others frequently cancel classes if they do not generate enough revenue.
  • Entire Course Delivered Online at Time of Registration. This is the FAST TRACK™ Blended Online followed by Live Hands-On that we pioneered in 2012.  Register today and begin learning tonight.
  • 0% Financing Available.  Apply in checkout through our partner Affirm.

Attend the Best Botox Certification Training in Chicago and Practice Confidently!

You are only taught by MD’s Small Group Hands-on Training, Botox Training, Filler Training, PRP Training, Microneedling Training, CME Accredited, Botox Hands-On, Filler Hands-On, Microneedling Hands-On, Vampire Facelift Training, Vampire Facial Training, PRP Hands-On Training, Botox Certification, Filler Certification, Microneedling Certification who have built successful full-time aesthetic practices, not traveling social media personalities with little experience building a successful real-world practice.  In addition, NP’s cannot be trained by RN’s and MD’s cannot be trained by NP’s or RN’s in an accredited CME environment.  Unaccredited training will not be accepted by your professional liability insurance.  We have had to re-train hundreds of students who wasted their time with unaccredited training in the past.  With PracticalCME, you get Premium, Small-Group Botox Injection Training that fully certifies you to have the skills to out-perform your competition and support for 2-Years at no extra charge. All of this for about the same price as the unaccredited, non-transparent, large group, nurse-taught Botox training programs.


Thanks for reading.  If you want to chat with our medical director right now, just click LIVE CHAT link at the bottom of the page.  Now try doing that with one of the other training programs 😁.

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