In order to legally inject Botox or Fillers or any other pharmaceutical treatment you need to satisfy two requirements…

  1. Licensure:  You must have an active license in your state or country as a Registered Nurse, Nurse practitioner, Physician Assistant, Physician, or in some states, Dentistry or Naturopathic MD.   Those who do not have this licensure cannot treat a patient legally and therefore, cannot inject in a hands-on training program like PracticalCME’s Botox and Dermal Filler Hands-On Certification.
  2. Certification:  This is your training in the Procedure itself.  Not all Training in Botox and Fillers is the same.  Your training must be accredited and accepted by major medical and nursing organizations.  These include AMA for Physicians, AANP for Nurse Practitioners, and AANC for Registered Nurses.  Just because a training program has a fancy name like “American Board of….”, “American Academy of…”, or “… Institute” doesn’t mean anything if the major governing bodies have not accredited their course offerings.  This credit statement should mention this clearly along with the number of hours each course is eligible.

PracticalCME’s full accreditation statement….

CME Accreditation Statement: 10 AMA/AAFP CME Credits

If you have any further questions about Accreditation and Certification, please click the LIVE CHAT link at the bottom of this page.