Office Compounding Training for BHRT and Weight Loss

The ONLY Training Course for Office Compounding of BHRT Creams (Bi-Est, Progesterone, Testosterone) and for Weight Loss (Sublingual HCG)

PracticalCME has the ONLY Training Course for Office Compounding…
 Full Course on Video with Downloadable Protocols, Forms, Supply List with Links, and Reference Charts

 Links to Individual State Rules and Regulations
No Sponsors Controlling the Curriculum, and no Proprietary Vendors
Hands-On Training and Software through Our Partner Compounding Consultants

Start Your Own Office Compounding Pharmacy for BHRT Creams and for Sublingual Ketosis Diet Adjunctive Hormones.  Profit margins on products are 85% or more.

compoundingIt is legal, safe, and effective to add a non-sterile compounding lab to your physician office in over 40 states.  This can present an incredible return on investment for providers who are ramping up their BHRT practice and Weight Loss using Hormone-aided Ketosis Diets.  This Video-Only Course contains all of the information and protocols you need to get started.  All you need is at least a 60 square foot room and around $8,000 to invest in equipment and supplies.  Our course does the rest…

  • Full-Length Streaming Online Course sent immediately upon registration.
  • Clickable links to supply lists (with active links to the exact item at each vendor).
  • Complete protocols for making all of the following BHRT creams
    • Estriol Vaginal Cream
    • Progesterone Cream
    • Testosterone Cream
    • Multi-Hormone Creams custom dosed to each patient
  • Full length videos outline the process of making and packaging each item
  • Referral to a national pharmacy training program which will spend a day hands-on at your site and manage your dispensing software to ensure proper reporting of controlled substances.

To be certain that you reside in an eligible state, please go to your state’s medical board and pharmacy board’s websites and watch our FREE preview course.  This course covers the manufacture of compounding creams in the entire dosage range that we teach in our BHRT course.  If you have not taken that course, it is strongly suggested that you order that course first where you will be given an opportunity to add the Compounding course at a discount.

If you have any further questions about this course, please Email our Medical Director.


  • Definition of Compounding
  • Laws Regarding Compounding
  • State Rules on Office Compounding
  • USP 795 vs 800


  • Equipment to Purchase with Ordering Links
  • Disposable Supplies to Purchase with Ordering Links


  • Measuring and Weighing
  • Mixing hormones and cream bases
    • Estriol Vaginal Cream
    • Progesterone Creams
    • Testosterone Creams for Mencompounding
    • Multi-Hormone Custom Creams for Women
  • Dispensing into metered dose containers
  • Making Sublingual Hormone for Ketosis Diets
  • Labeling and Reporting


  • Pricing
  • Handling Refills
  • Record-Keeping and Laboratory Maintenance

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