Coronavirus Precautions for Live Training



All Live Hotel Training Courses are Capped at 6 Participants

Some Office-Based Trainings are Capped at 3-5 Participants

Max 8 People in the Classroom at One Time



Masks Required of ALL Unvaccinated Attendees and Patients

Only One Patient Allowed in the Room at a Time

Masks and Hand Sanitizer Provided



Nobody With a Fever or Cough Admitted

FREE Rescheduling for any Attendee who feels Sick.

We Follow all Updated CDC Guidelines

Frequently Asked Questions

Please bring proof that you are at least 14 days post-vaccination and you do not need to wear a mask during the class. Of course, state and local rules apply if they supersede the CDC’s guidance.

Courses that involve Hands-On will require a mask when treating your patient in close proximity.

By all means, get tested, but even if your test is negative, if you have…

Fever over 100F
Difficulty Breathing
Loss of Smell or Taste

…you will not be admitted to the class and will need to reschedule.

Please contact us at or use the LIVE CHAT option to let us know.

It is our policy to allow for FREE priority rescheduling for any provider who feels ill at the time of the live course date.

Hotel-Based courses start at 8am. Only paid attendees will be allowed in the room at that time. Seating will be 6 feet apart with a personal iPad at each station for the display of lecture slides. Masks are required for any participant who does not provide proof of full vaccination at least 14 days in the past. Many hotels will still not do in-room catering. In that case, if you stay for the entire day, PracticalCME will provide a boxed lunch. You may bring your own food/beverage to consume during the course. We are looking forward to providing our usual great in-room catering once the hotels allow it.

PracticalCME does not provide patients for you to treat without prior arrangement. It is ideal to treat a friend or relative known to you so you can follow her progress over time. Please ensure that your patient has not had any coronavirus symptoms in the prior 72 hours: Fever over 100F, Cough, Malaise, or Loss of Smell or Taste. If your patient arrives at the course with any of these symptoms, she will be dismissed and your hands-on opportunity will be rescheduled.

All patients must wait outside of the training room/office until you call or text them when it is their turn. They are not allowed in the room for any part of the lecture or review.

Our Office-Based courses (Charlotte, Portland, Seattle, Athens, GA) start at 8am. Attendance will be limited to allow for proper distancing during the lecture/review portion in the waiting room. Fully vaccinated do not need to wear a mask unless in close proximity to your patient while performing a treatment.
PracticalCME shall comply with all travel restrictions when imposed. Therefore, if a travel restriction affects our instructor, the course will be rescheduled or moved to a neighboring state with no restriction. If a travel restriction affects an attendee, the attendee will be given the option to do a priority rescheduling to any future date or location without penalty.
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