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Tumescent Liposuction VASER Hands-On Preceptorship

Experienced One-On-One VASER and Microcannula Tumescent Liposuction Hands-On Training at Your Facility Using Your Patients

This method of training is more economical and provides much more direct patient experience than hands-on courses where multiple participants share a patient and only get to perform a few strokes at a time.  In order to learn in your first few cases, you will need to do the entire case from start to finish in order to experience the evolution of the case and the proper endpoints.  PracticalCME has trained over 60 physicians in hands-on Liposuction all over the United States.  Physicians who wish to perform a day of hands-on cases need to meet the following criteria.

  • Complete the Prerequisite Video Course on Office Tumescent lipoLiposuction and Pass the Post-Test
  • Equip their office with the necessary equipment and disposable supplies as taught in the Video Course
  • Ensure that at least one office nurse has taken the Nursing Video Curriculum and passed the post-test
  • Have at least two patients (One Abdomen, One for outer or inner thigh) consented and ready to be your first two patients.  Since the course is at your office, you may elect to charge these patients to defray your training costs. 

An instructor, who has trained at least 50 doctors and performed over 500 office liposuction cases will attend your cases and instruct both the surgeon and the staff nurses for the two cases on the designated training date.  Practices interested in this course are encouraged to contact PracticalCME directly by  Email to our Medical Director with their request.

1-Day Hands-On Preceptorship Tuition is $5,995 plus travel.  This includes the Introduction to Tumescent Liposuction video course for one physician and one nurse.

We cannot perform hands-on training for people who do not have an active medical license in the state they are practicing, at venues outside of the United States, or for non-physicians who wish to perform lipo.  No non-physician may be scrubbed for a proctored case.  After these two proctored cases, some physicians may require further supervised hands-on training.


  • Calculate lidocaine dosage and mix bags for each patient
  • Taking good photographs and measurements
  • Marking the patient
  • Intraoperative patient comfort
  • Performing even infusion
  • Performing the VASER step (if applicable)
    • VASER safety
  • Performing the suction step
  • Assessing the completion of the case
  • Selecting the post-op garment
  • Post-op patient care

Tumescent Liposuction VASER Hands-On Preceptorship

Includes our Liposuction Training Video Course in Addition to 2 Proctored Hands-On Cases at Your Office

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